These Days Are Gone But The Memories are still Strong.

I guess  Its too early to start with these old men cries of ‘ I wish time was a tape recorder that you would rewind until you  have listened to the content to your satisfaction’ but in life there are some moments that you begin to yearn for barely a minute you depart from the scene.

To bring this point home let me welcome you to bits of my past life. I grew up in the countryside where vehicles rarely came by,tarmacadam roads were not in existence and a flying aeroplane was then the holy spirit (we thought it was a link between  man and God) but then there was all we needed to make our daily lives move on well if not better!

We had a large herd of cattle and grazing after school was more than a hobby to me – it was a necessity. The fields where we went to graze was a platform where very many talents were perfected, they brood runners, footballers,fighters  and needless to mention very aggressive Casanovas.

I loved to graze but just as everybody has a reason for why they leave their beds everyday i too had Mine.

Firstly the fields gave me a sense of belonging as we did everything with lots of cooperation, we made stories, narrated old tales, played hide and seek, shared lunch that we even ate from the same pot,played football (ours was made from polythene bags bound by strings) and all these activities created a very strong bond between us nurturing the feel of brotherhood between us.

And mistake we Made and troubles we got as if we went hunting for them . I can vividly remember one day when we had all our attention on the match and forgot that we were herding, the cattle invaded our neighbors cornfield and nearly consumed everything to ground , what followed was a shower of strokes from our uncle who had earlier  made playing football when herding a taboo.

We even went hunting squirrels and hare, we even hunted birds and laid a special trap (kithar) for them. Our grandparents were an epitome of love, they gave us all the affection they had left and nyatiti we played and danced and that music never grew old..Ooh I cant narrate all these stories now but all i know these memories are worth remembering at least for the sake of healing and finding the lost souls.