Human Origin Theory :Loam and Clay

I didn’t even want to post this but the renegade in me, this stubborn quest to know all about everything could not let me rest. The question of my origin is still not answered and so shouldn’t I keep asking?

human origin theory: loam and clay
human origin theory: loam and clay

The origin of man has remained one of the most controversial topics that humans interact with. The more you try to understand it the more confusing it becomes. This is not my problem though, my faith has given me a sign and I know that God created the world and everything in it and his presence is evident in everything he created. That said all the accounts of creation do not explain why we have different colors. I know that we owe our origin to Adam and by extension to Eve, and Adam was created out of dust (we are not told whether it was loam, clay or a collabo of both).

I am not very good at reading the bible but I have studied the bible long enough to have met a verse that spoke of color of man- why we have different colors. I also know that the Israelites who were God’s chosen people were grouped in twelve tribes, we are again not told whether some of the tribesmen were molded out of clay or loam.

The evolution theory of creation is one of the creation theories that I will never approve of. For one if man originated from apes, why do we still have apes, why haven’t they evolved to human beings? The pioneer of the creation theory; Charles Darwin did nothing to explain why we have different colors and so the question of loam or clay is still not addressed. What is funny is that some people who if all of us were made from soil then they were made from clay do not want to be clay products- they want to be of loam. I don’t think they are to blame when history knows that ‘claymen’ had been useful all for the wrong reasons. They were traded like kolanuts as slaves, they were the first to be suspected of crime in the USA (I hope this has changed) and their continent is considered the Dark Continent. Who would love to be associated with that? Ironically, the loam products once left their continent and fought for the Dark Continent against themselves. Which is better loam or clay? My guess is they are all equal or at least they should be. If anybody understands this issue better than I do please enlighten me.

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  1. Hello George,

    People don’t actually have different colours. They have the same colour in different amounts. The colour comes from a pigment called melanin which is produced in the bottom layer of skin cells. Some people are very efficient at producing melanin and have very dark coloured skin, most people are less efficient melanin producers and have skin colours anywhere between brown and “white”, and some people (albinos) don’t produce any melanin at all, poor things.

    How efficiently you produce melanin depends on your genetic inheritance. If we call the gene for efficient production ‘B’ and call the gene for less efficient production ‘b’ then there are two possibilities. Either God gave Adam a ‘BB’ pair at the start and one of the ‘B’s was subsequently damaged and become a ‘b’, or God gave Adam a ‘Bb’ pair at the start. Either way, once you get a male and a female together who both have ‘Bb’ pairs in their DNA then you have the possibility of producing children who are black (BB), brown (Bb), or “white” (bb).

    We are all of one blood. Skin colour means nothing, though depending on where you live it might be better to have one colour than another. This relates only to producing Vitamin D in the skin (dark skin is not so good in cold climates without much sun) and protection from skin cancers (pale skin is not so good in hot, sunny places). My husband (very pale) spent a great deal of his childhood on the beach and has been having to have skin cancers cut off since he was about 35.

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    1. Wow, I love your explanation. It is the best I have got so far, A friend of Mine, a biologist to be exact Omondi Alal tried to explain it to me using the simple Darwinian theory “survival for the fittest” but I could not get all things right. I was taught of the pigment melanin that it gives us skin colour, I am lucky I know little science to help learn that but I tell you many people have never understood why some of us are white and some are black owing to their religious orientation….and a little humor on this issue doesn’t hurt. Thanks a lot #JRM


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