I will fight you!

You have refused to stay away
You have become the tail I never had
Dragging me back in rapid steps
Chocking me, cutting my breath

I tried to hide in fancy clothes
From you whose presence I loathe
But still you slid in my wallet
You did what you do best, dictate what I spend

You claim you know my ancestry
My grandfathers with whom you had a binding chemistry
You say you flow in my veins
That my attempts to divorce you are in vain

You tripped me falling head first into debts
Made me a loser in the eyes of dames
Taught my canine to bite vegetables
Sometimes without salt to make them palatable

My sister called asking for some shillings
How could I help her when you stole all my money?
To her I’ve become a hopeless sibling
What’s worse my woman no longer calls me honey

Tonight be prepared for a fight
Pitch your tent, take with you lethargy
No room for you here, you’re hated with all might
I will fight you POVERTY

Copyright ©GeorgeAgak2014

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