Father she is growing

She is growing father
Can’t you see her breasts are pushing her dress further?
Her hips are widening
Her lips getting softer
Her skin becoming thicker
Her bosom broadening

Father can’t you see her armpits getting hairy
The curiosity in her eyes…she’s getting scary

Father I think she travelled to the moon
If not she will be there soon
Coz I saw tuck a piece of blanket beneath her junction

Father she is the reason boys flock our homestead
Why can’t they go to uncle’s place instead?

Father I saw her talking to Ben
They are planning to play the adult game
And then she will be gone, he will elope with her

Father talk to elders
Arrange for her wedding
And give her away
Before she loses her virginity
That will reduce her bride Price
Father she has completely grown, in a full woman


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