Judas’ Kiss

Judas' Kiss

I never knew you, but I opted to help
When you had nothing, mired in shame
Put a roof over you and before you a plate
You trashed my art and called it pursuit of cheap fame

As the sun rises from the east
so will your troubles never cease
I thought I was your cure but you saw me as the disease
Never expected thanks but those words shouldn’t have escaped your lips
I read about it but you made feel the pain of Judas’ Kiss

Just like fingers differ in length
So do we differ in strength
Even an elastic band can only stretch to a limit
No matter what I did in your world I couldn’t fit in

You came in as a victim of worldly torture
Enslaved in sort of mental stupor
I gave you a home
And shoes to cover your feet
Then you served me a taste of judas’ kiss