I wish…


I wish...I wish I could give you all of my heart

But I only have a piece left as an evidence of all my hurt

I wish I wasn’t this naïve

Maybe you would trust me when I tell you what I feel

I wish I could sieve

All the imperfection you see in me

And make my world be to you a beautiful scene

Maybe then you will give in to all my pleas…..

To make you a part of me

I wish I wasn’t this blind

Maybe I could see beyond your eyes

These beautiful eyes that blinds my sight

I wish they could see me in all they latch upon

On flowers along the road

On your every piece of cloth

In your cup of coffee

Beside you when you’re lonely

Maybe then my very being will be a mystery

A mystery you will be willing to identify with

I wish I could see through you

I could take a look deep down your heart

Maybe then I would know if I am a part of your world

I wish you could show me a sign

Then I would know if with you I stand a chance

Copyright ©George Agak 2014







4 thoughts on “I wish…”

    1. Thanks for the complement. that’s the beauty of poetry, it enables you to share your pain with people going through the same experience. I hope she will show you the sign earlier enough to make your decision


  1. Reblogged this on HEAVEN'S WHISPERS and commented:
    I am proudly reblogging this post as I feel it is a very beautiful and touching piece of personal perfection of expression.
    I really can’t wait to visit his blog again and read much more of his posts.
    Very impressive writing and very expressive and shows your creative and intellective ability,,,,

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