I am Not My Hair

I am Not My Hair

I have had problems with people in relation to what hairstyle I adopt. When I left high school, I kept it long and flowing, few seemed impressed. recently I did what I have never done before, cut my hair to skin level and guys were like ” WTF is wrong with the Dude”. Ok lemme clarify something, I am not trying to impress anyone and I keep my hair how I wish best.

Whatever it is that covers the skull doesn’t matter, it’s the content of the brain that matters

I am not mY Hair

You may not like my looks when I keep my hair beneath the skin level but I will be the one to suffer when my confidence level falls below the sea level for failing to please you!

4 thoughts on “I am Not My Hair”

  1. I love long hair.

    That being said, I also believe that a man with a shaven head exudes confidence. (Think Captain Picard,Billy Zane or Vin Diesel!)

    You look handsome, and if you are happy, then everyone else can take their jealousy elsewhere. 🙂

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    1. Thank you my dear Siouxsie for your wise comment. I love myself much more than my critics love me plus short hair is good for my current situation…..been hurrying alot, have no time for combs…shampoos on weekend does the trick

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