Questioning Fate

I barely know me

I need some sort of a revelation, from he who created me

The things I swore I couldn’t do have become a part of me

The things I hate doing

Things that fill me to the brim with self-loathe

Things hidden beneath my teeth and clothes


Sometimes I think my very existence is a mistake

My shoulders are burdened by heavy bundles of blame

For a past that I had no control over

Whoever sowed my seeds maliciously laced them with ounces of shame


I am sandwiched between two extremes;

Nobody understands me, neither do I

What am I worth?

I am the color of disappointment,

A definition of failure,

The barren branch of a vine that is chopped and burnt


The path to righteousness bruised my shoulders

Vanity found me ugly, couldn’t live in me

Love chose butterflies, fled from the dull me

Behind me trail 99 problems

No one in sight to help me solve them

And I am addicted to things am ashamed to pen…


What do I stand for?

For what purpose was I created?

Am I the only one these questions?


29 thoughts on “Questioning Fate”

  1. The journey in life does make you question your fate. The path leads to you to find the right answers. One day you’ll look back and realize it was a test; and you passed! Stay strong. Blessings and peace!


        1. Thank you for being what you are. A spring of hope. Even with no sound your words still echo in my ears. And the hugs! I can feel the warmth. I am forever indebted. (copy pasting this comment on a template titled “Reasons to face Tomorrow”…Smiles 🙂


            1. Now you have instilled the spirit in me..spreading love..spreading smiles and giving a helping hand whenever I can…changing the world in bits…I will begin with my own world. make it better for others! Love Love Love be abound on wings of doves 🙂


                1. Yes. A complete mindset change. Av gotta love me despite my own inequities then share the joy of appreciating the much I’ve got with others in much worse circles… lesson learn’t. Thanks Vee


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