Off My Chest

Sometimes it takes a little more than age and gray hair to understand situations. The fact that you saw the sunlight before I did doesn’t make everything I do wrong. Actions are not really the problem but rather the intentions behind them…And who said I don’t have my private life? I am an open book as you said. Covers already torn, read me but never edit what you never authored in the first place!

When you nurture Nature, Nature nurtures you

“When you nurture Nature, Nature nurtures you.”

these are the words of Donald L. Hicks a fellow human who found it in his bones to care for nature, I know you haven’t heard of him, we have become deaf and as blind as bats or worse coz bats at least know how hissing in the air helps avoid collision on trees’ trunks and branches. So at least they know trees should exist and leave them their space. But we’ve become a destructive lot. We’ve lost our purpose. Welcome to the beginning when there was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. The very God who authored two books first the scriptures which is obvious to you and secondly the creation which we have all taken up arms against.

After creation, man was not only given the Garden of Eden to provide for all his needs but also got highly elevated as the caretaker of the creatures.

Man was made the CEO of creation

But it seems he misunderstood the meaning of CEO and took it as a Call to Extinct Organisms and it hurts me to prophesy that by the time my grandchildren will be of my age elephants will merely be examples used in classrooms to teach biology students what it really means for an organism to be extinct.

We have perfected the art of environmental degradation. So we’ve got to reap the harvests from poisoned soils and we wonder why men succumb to hypogonadism and the entire human race is rapidly getting wiped off the face of earth by cancers

We spend the better part of our lives exploiting our environment in search of ways to boost our treasury

Evading reality that life isn’t just the pursuit of a salary

God perfectly balanced the equation of creation

The gazelle was to feed on vegetation

The vegetation covered the earth surface inhibiting erosion

And trees purified air and summoned rain so why need irrigation?

The birds were the melody of creation; you only knew its dawn when you heard cocks crow and sunbird sing to welcome the sunshine that was eagerly awaited for by plants to cook their meals that spurred energy in every moving creature.

But man has since constipated the whole art of creation

You probably think that I speak out religious obligation

But even if I took God out of the equation

You won’t need rocket science to see how we contribute to this pollution

Instead of nurturing the environment he’s become a champion of its destruction

You burn and choke air with dangerous chemicals and still yap about ozone layer depletion

You cut trees for commercial agriculture

Forgetting that without trees there won’t be rain and you’ll digging graves for the farming culture

You are led by greed: killing thousands and thousands of elephants for ivory and still feel offended when called a vulture

Sometimes we’ve got to fight the government for the sake of environment

Or what shall we do when the people we entrust with conservation of natural resources are the same people at the helm of ivory trade?

Mother Nature is weeping, but do we even care?

Cutting thousand trees and planting none but we can’t see that’s unfair

We are speedily driving to our graves it’s time to shift the gear

And change the course of human race to make the bright future near

We are great beings but just obstinate

You know what’s right but you persist in doing wrong,

We can heal the world if we become considerate

Let’s stop poaching, let’s stop pollution and have some trees grown

It’s only then that we can look at future with hope

Of what benefit is it to have a fine house without a tolerable planet to put it on?

You have a choice, to heal or to infect

But when the last tree is cut and the last fish killed, the last river poisoned, and then you will see that you can’t eat money.

‘I didn’t know we were strangers’!

‘Pull it out,’ she said, grabbing my fly

Her breasts half exposed, she’s already ripe

Her lips nipping my neck

Her breasts prickling my chest

Taking my hand, she thrust it deep in her pants

The warmth, the moisture, the sensation raised my shaft

Breathing heavily, her heartbeat racing faster, can you hear it?

Her lips pressed on mine, she is a pro at this, she thrust her tongue deep in my mouth

Moving it in and out I guess faking what she wanted to feel deep between her thighs


Seizing her breast in my hands, she groaned and moved even closer

She is ready for a shot

Should I have this?

No, tis too early, before the ‘No” could escape ma lips

She had managed to pull it out…No time to toy

After 2hrs… ‘Remind me of your name’?

‘I didn’t know we were strangers’!




They lied to us

They said education is the key

What they never said is that corruption is the lock,

Corruption na education ni vitu incompatible

ni kama kujaribu kufungua kifuli ya solex na kifungu ya tri cycle

no wonder the common man is ever in his vicious cycle,

rat race hiyo ni mbio bila finish line how can you ever win such a race?

Kenya imekuwa ni kama shamba la wanyama where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others when it comes to sharing of national cake do we ever get our fair share? Of course no. we only get much more than our fair share when it comes to police brutality. They fire us with teargas to instill fear in us, if that fails they gang up against us with live bullets crippling, maiming and killing innocent lives but does this ever get any attention?

They lied to us when they told us that Kenya is a democratic state

when self imposed rulers rule over liberal minded citizens

and I wonder if this is what our forefathers fought for in the name of democracy or just tyranny in disguise..

Corruption na public offices zimekuwa vitu complementary

ni kama coffin na cemetery

ni kama kiwi na viatu

imezidi kufilisi mifuko ya watu

yet tuko na anti corruption yenye imekuwa useless ni kama toothless carnivora.


The society we value so much has lied to us in many ways

See our churches are awash with rogue pastors who preach charity yet they own private jets, they preach chastity yet they keep 100 concubines.

They preach prosperity: give and you will be given but is that always the case? They even sell prophecies all you got to do is panda mbegu kwa nambari on the screen and all your needs are met but is that always the truth? As you wait for your prophecies to come true they are smiling to the bank investing in your ignorance changing vehicles every year as you continue to languish in poverty.

They endorse fidelity in marriages yet they eat the flock, didn’t you hear of a pastor found dead in a woman’s bedroom? I don’t know much but I know for sure they were not reading scriptures in there.

It was said how important marriage is yet our streets are awash with sophisticated ladies who don’t care about marriage inheriting independence from our colonizer’s minds.

I am just so sick of this society where our young daughters are losing their virginity long before they know its spelling.

Our parents lied to us, our teachers and our leaders have done the same but I want to tell you one truth: You cannot feature in a future you haven’t pictured. For you to feature into the future you need to picture the future because the history of the future lies in the mystery of the scriptures, so read the scripture for there lies your future.