EX Picked Up

I called my Ex yesterday

But seemingly she had little to say

Just shared how she’s been doing great

And how she’s prayed that I remain sane

This was a disappointment

I thought she’ll never give up her quest for engagement

But as sunshine dries the morning dew

So was her love growing distant with all the venom I spewed

I swallowed my pride and skinned my ego

Bent low, accepted the zero score

Coz I had to tell her the truth

How my heart is hollow within and bruised

I had to tell her…

How she’s a jewel I didn’t know how to value

How foolish I was to mistreat her the way I did

How ungrateful I was then

How my life has been a nightmare without her

How I would like to keep her beneath my tongue

That she’s irreplaceable

But she wanted to hear everything except these statements that to her was only reminiscence of the filthy life she had!

Did she say having me as a boyfriend is a filthy encounter?

I think my ears failed me!

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