Dead Love

What if love stayed?

What if love strayed?

What if love broke bonds?

What if love bent laws?

What if love defied its author?

What if love defied mediocre?

What if love breached contracts?

What if love lost your contact?

What if love healed?

What if love killed?

What if love broke?

What if love mends?

What if love exited?

What if love visited?

Won’t Love still be love?

I saw love tossed in the air like spread tissue paper, driven against her will farthest from home

I saw love stashed in trash bin, her elbow protruded but it was bruised I needed gloves

I saw love calling out for help, but I couldn’t hear her well, her tongue was swollen and still bled

I met love at the sandy beaches, our feet sank in the sand but my tongue lost her freedom to the kings of orals and so was hers

Love drowned as I watched, I couldn’t paddle fast enough

Loved starved, I lost my kill to the caravan

Love bled, these words I utter got her heart shattered

Love cried, I couldn’t lose the argument!

Love miscarried, well, you can blame the furniture

Love died, I wish I was Dashrath Manjhi


Love got tossed

Love got stashed

Love got bruised

Love bled

Love drowned

Loved staved

Love cried

Love miscarried

Love died

But love was still love!

After all these travails,

The reward for love was just an Adjective

So love is now Dead Love


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