Dear Waresa,
You used to shine
You were in stardom
Left an imprint on cloud nine
And spelt downfall to Sodom

Waresa dear,
You were quick to adhere
Bring our dreams near
For our hopes are here

Waresa our future,
Our character you nurture
What a precious gift of pleasure
In our hearts you are a treasure

Waresa brighten our fading stars
Heal our wounds and erase our scars
Awaken our dreams that you once hurt
And restore the joy we had at heart

Waresa, Waresa, Waresa,
Our sunshine, our future, my life
Please make us shine
And rekindle our hopes now gone for a while

***Waresa is a primary school where we went to to do a reading study. we found the first two lines of the first stanza written and we decided to complete it…it ain’t solely my work….my research colleagues did the bigger portion in building it. and I am keeping it as a memento ****

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