For those asking me to stop ‘lazing’ around and look for a job

For those asking me to take a full time job

Its time you knew that I am too big a prisoner of myself

To fit in paycheck cells

For those asking me to join the rat race

Its time you knew my strides are too long for rats

4 thoughts on “Prisoner”

      1. I think you might mean “tell me about it” in a rhetorical way, but just in case you don’t . . . I enjoy the rat race I’m in at the moment. I live in NYC — everything is fast-paced. I ride the subway to work, so I can read on my way to work. Work is exciting because I have many interesting colleagues, and I collaborate with many of them on projects. BUT — I do miss flexibility. A 40-hour work week only allows so much. Talk to me about what you’re up to, if you don’t mind. Or if you’ve written something that explains it better, direct me to that instead.

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        1. Tom… I am not enjoying the financial freedom preached by those who shun rat race but I have failed in formal employment, so I’ve remained this humble artist who has not enough money to take care of everything but plenty of time for myself. Plus I don the paper chase, who doesnt? I only hate it when people ‘who believe in me’ try to fix me with a formal job just because i can do it!

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