Father daughter dance

I Should Have Danced With You

I Should Have Danced With You

My dearest child
Tears well my eyes
Every time the sun rise
Heating the slab you’re cased in
I writhe within
Regrets find their way in my conscience
And my heart is yet to listen to my plea for acceptance

In spite of all I did and failed to do
You can know I loved you
We only fail at how to express
Feelings the heart can’t digress
Nor the tongue can profess

I was a bad father
Tossed you in winds like a feather
And watched as you lost grips of your dreams
I was never there to tour your realms
All that worried me were your screams

I failed you my daughter
My special gift wrapped in laughter
I should have called you Isaac
But my conservatism made you berserk

When you asked me to dance with you
I felt envious at how meticulously your aura flew
And I said, ‘I’m dancing with you in my heart’
You moved your feet and your dress swayed in part

Every move stretched my heart walls
I needed more space to store your wholes
But you were too wild a bird to be caged
Breaking free from walls society etched

Now that you’re gone
This place is no longer home
But a mine field of regrets
It is a yard of myriad faucets
Of all that poor parenthood begets

Every time your memory creeps in my mind
Your plea peeps to remind,
Me that I owe you a dance
And I move my feet in hope that I meet you in trance
Father-daughter dance

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8 thoughts on “I Should Have Danced With You”

        1. The bottom line is all humans are ravaging through life’s mess for happiness, the illusion that only money can give us that has led to broken homes and illicit affairs..I now know that children need more of us than money and the fancy life we break our spines for.

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