When You Get Back

When You Get Back

When you get back
Early enough to find my heart beating
Please stop my clock from tickling so fast
And allow me to speak with you in a language
Only death understands

You’ll find me stranded on a bridge
My feet too feeble to take a step
And my heart tired of my hesitation
To take a leap into the abyss beneath

The glow in my eyes fainting with every passing second
These ears will hear you cry
I will cry too
But my tongue will be glued on the floor of my mouth
So a word won’t escape
Just tears and more tears
Will swamp our pillow

Please don’t press your lips against mine
Coz beneath my lips lays bitter bile of hate
For a world that snatched my bag of existence
When the apex of Zion was in view

Wash me with your tears
For rains never heard me call
Allow me to look into your eyes again
Heaven can never be more beautiful

Then whisper a prayer
Light my way with your smile
And give me the strength to leap
Deep into the abyss beneath


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