Peddling Sex

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I see them peddling sex on every street corner
A panacea for the emotionally wounded sojourner
They expose their wares at the door of their customer’s repose
Brokenness laced with thin pearls of satisfaction
That wears off
Leaving vacuums
That propels the sojourner’s barrels of hunger
Coming back for a bite
Bites that leave teeth with ache,
Brains fizzling with bacteria,
Addictive sexual fantasy
And broken families

So I ask the customer
How much does she cost you?
Just 5 leaves of 1 hundred notes!
And I mark that wrong.


12 thoughts on “Peddling Sex”

  1. It is revered as a marketable commodity!
    The seller and the buyer. Fair trade when you think about the diseases that can be caught for what is styled as a little “fun”!
    In the day and age of diseases that have no cure, this is danger for the poor who are usually engrossed in quick money; consequently ending in short life!
    Thanks for sharing George!

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      1. One way of defining it!
        I see it here and the excuses, abuses, diseases, deaths, speaks volumes about what is fun or money, to people of the “clandestine world”, that says sex sells!
        The choice is there’s, but the price can be paid by the innocent who indulge and pass on what they may catch!

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          1. Either a lie, or they fool themselves, There have been people who have been arrested for knowingly being infected and spreading the HIV virus despite their knowledge!
            There is nothing genuine about people anymore, assuming there was before!

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