Mending your Sky

The sky is blue
And beautiful to view
Every time I look at the sky I wonder if it can be created anew
Every time my eyes stretch beyond the horizon and peel through patches of white clouds into the depth of the blue sky, I wonder what it must have taken the creator to mold something so perfect and I am tempted to raise my hand and leave my signature on the blue canvas , it’s so beautiful

An epitome of serenity
An epithet of longevity
And a testament of God’s divine love for humanity
But the sky is not always as peaceful as it seems to be
Sometimes it gets cloudy; dark clouds parading the sky like rebel angels spelling destruction to all that lay below
Sometimes it splits open sending thunder striking beings sipping life out of them and it laughs as we blame the one on the throne for its atrocities

Whenever I marvel at the carefree nature of the sky the youth comes to mind
Because just like the sky, youth is a multifaceted phenomenon
Youth is beauty; it’s devoid of the wrinkles of the old
Youth is Strength; it shoulders the weight of the society
Youth is vigor; it’s the adrenaline that flies the society
Youth is hope; it holds the key to granaries of prosperity

Who have the strength to walk on the rugged terrains spreading the gospel?
Who have the numbers to stir a socio-political revolution?
Who have the voices to speak change?
The youth……(pause)
It’s only the youth who have the power to rebuild and restore the crumbled pillars of the society
But sometimes it pains my heart to see what the youth have become
We’re chained to depression and anxiety we’ve lost our calm
Isn’t it a bitter irony that our tongues have the power to speak life but we have become dry bones in the valley awaiting the return of Ezekiel?
Swimming in pools of alcohol
Our bodies no longer God’s home
But instruments of self-indulgence
Seeking pleasure like it’s the sole reason for our existence
As chastity lay slain in the depths of our hearts

We no longer hunger for the life giving word
But lost in pursuit of vanities of this world
Forgetting that whatever happened in Sodom,
could happen here if we make this place our home

Just like a lone barrel tossed in the Nile
The youth rummages through sin with a smile
We have veered off the track
Tearing every fabric of the society apart

When goals become long overdue
We try different avenues
Dropping pens for guns,
Getting loose on pants
But in all these you have a price to pay
Needless to say
A price you won’t have to pay,
If only you would submit to Jesus
He who fed the hungry and healed lepers
Won’t he save your neck from life’s scissors?

And he calls on all who are heavy laden
With addictions and life’s burden
Those whose backs break at the weight of sin
Those whose names are akin to guilt
He says forget all the stress
And come to me I’ll give you rest

So change your direction
Step on the clutch
Change your life’s gear and come to church
For it takes submission to Christ
To mend your shredded sky

8 thoughts on “Mending your Sky”

  1. Disillusion, heartfelt in these words. Almost despairing of the younger generation!
    Your point is clear but here in England, I’ve seen supposed “adults” act out what seems to be their youth and they’re in their thirties, fifties!
    If these are the role models a youth has, how on earth can they move on in life doing the things which are more to their benefit?
    As for going to church and knowing God, these one’s only use the term God, when they blaspheme, or in surprise when talking. In fact they only acknowledge God when they are in trouble!
    Interesting my friend in words.
    All we can do is know ourselves, truth and right seems to offend or bypass the degenerates of our society!


    1. I agree with you 101% my dearest Youths shoulder so much for treading a path set by folks now in grey but this piece was to place the challenge on the youth to leap over these hurdles set by the old and seek for themselves an identity they truly can carve for themselves. LOVE

      Liked by 1 person

          1. This is a “humbling” thing to say, to which I will thank you for the compliment!
            Still I see in you a writer of great achievements in how you compose yourself/writing!
            It is a case of reading and understanding the people we like.
            To understand is significant as it teaches what you need to know of the person you communicate with!
            Thank you George!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Lovely, thanks for being here when all I need are honest opinions to keep my pen bleeding. Honestly, I have met with many friends who even tell me I shouldn’t be where they are because they feel I should be living big off my pen but I do feel that they just want me feel good but when a person like you drops in and tell me to keep writing I feel that I have a responsibility to give content worth your time. thanks dearest.

              Liked by 1 person

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