Love on a Cold November

On the misty bench on the park
I sat bracing the cold
Watching a beetle drag dung
I suppose to make fires
In its cold haven

Clad in belted trench coat
Atemo appeared holding a mug of coffee
Her scarf swirling in the evening breeze
As she pulled wild strand of hair
Onto the back of her left ear

Her moccasin landing gently on the cold surface
As she cut through the snow with the tip of her nose
Her smile reflecting the vestiges of the buried sun
As her footsteps synchronized with the melody of the cooing doves
And I marvel; what a precious gift on a cold November?

The dewy grass massaging her feet
She moved with an aura of serenity
With arms already spread
To encase my yearning temple
And kisses showered
Amidst muffles of ‘I love you’
Her lips tasted like mint tea on a winter night

In the depths of the snow I saw love protrude
And heard the wind whisper of our love with envy
The woman of my dreams was here
Peeling the frozen layers of my fragile heart

The scent of rose flower filled the air drowning her cologne
As I sparked the flames in her eyes
With loving words I uttered
Surely, this was for keeps


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