I’m never alone

A black veil covered the eyes of the sun
Turning day into a heap of dark pebbles
The paths still visible
I take careful steps lest a fall
Into the soggy earth
It suddenly begins to drizzle
Making the narrow path even more slippery
So I shelter under the canopy
Cursing, whining, blaming
The gods of rain
As I froze in the ice of my predicament
Suddenly there’s a rattle
Under the labyrinth of bush ropes
A hare is adjusting his posture
Cooing begins atop the tall tree
And mosquitoes
Are out for my blood
How bad can winter find you!
But I’m never alone


6 thoughts on “I’m never alone”

  1. No, and you never will be as God has a way of lighting up our darkness, that includes lonely paths!
    Here everything at once happens; from the Hare, cooing, cursing, whining, blaming etcetera!
    I hope you are fine and well,
    Best wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed reading this . well written! Have a look at my page as well, for its always a pleasure to hear the views of another fine blogger such as you. Cheers!


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