Ghetto Pain

Roads narrowed by food sellers
Houses peeling and leaking
Children walking bare feet
With windowed garments
Women breaking their backs
As their husbands are hammering
Anvils into meals

Sirens are heard
A house is on fire
Shouts are heard
A purse has been snatched
A mother wails
A son has been shot
A daughter has been raped

When night falls
You hold your heart in your hands
A bullet may spray it anytime
Police and thugs are a family
Just different uniforms

Stinking dumpsites
Burst sewers
Contaminated waters
Blinding illicit brews
Pregnant minors
Aborted babies blocking toilets
Fresh human dung on paths
Ghetto pain is becoming unbearable



I’m you when your own heartbeat defies every step you take on the career ladder,
I’m the cancer that ate your mother’s breast when I knew she had twelve kids to be fed,
I’m the conniving spirits that duped your addicted father that rehab is for those trying to quit
I’m the hunger that drove you insane peddling your virtues for a plate of crumbs
I’m the black sheep of the family whose identity has been lost, everyday learning all that I am;all that makes my stomach churn when I see in others.
I’m a hollow casket,my own corpse believes I stink
I am a lost shepherd,
I am prey to alarm chimes reminding me every morning that I’m too small for my age yet too old for my dreams
I am the mess the society created but felt too good to clean,
I am a vestige of all the man I was meant to be