The cobbler’s Child

The cobbler’s child is a story teller
He tells stories of love
For that’s what he sees everyday
As his father works on shoes
Sealing the gap between the sole and the vamp
He knows how painful the needle pricks
But the sole keeps mum for it’s for the good of the team
The vamp knows how bad the sole stinks
The sole knows how heavy the vamp is
But they embrace the flaws and live like they’re perfect
They could decide to hate socks
For they get too intimate with the boss
But they bury their envy and welcome it back every time it creeps in

When it rains the vamp takes the blows
The sole in return takes the mud
When all fails they all wade in water
Mud plague them all but they never apportion blames

The cobbler’s child tells of how destiny
Commanded the sole and vamp to stick together
Even when nature tries to separate them
Just a kiss of glue will stick them together
If the glue fails, few stitches will weave
Their souls into one
For love knows the sole and vamp are useless without each other


13 thoughts on “The cobbler’s Child”

            1. Ok. Here is is cheaper to repair than to fact second hand shoes are very common. I dont know if someone collects the ones you’ve thrown and ships them to this part of the world for a profit.


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