Darkness is all I see
A fight from within
A person torn in two
Demand of flesh
Religious allegiance
Must I be the bait?
A conduit for deities
To fulfill their purposes
And manifest their divine power?
Why do I come back here?
Why do I break my promises?
With hefty prices to pay
Floored confidence,
What more shall I pay?
I wait for that day
When this war will be over
I’m tired of fighting a war
Where victor and villain
Is just but one person
I wait for that day,
When this war will be over
Am I no more than a battlefield?
Why do corpses rot in my belly?
Why is my face charred?
With burnt stumps of guilt
will this war ever be over?

6 thoughts on “Battlefield”

  1. A great poem George! Loved the challenging questions of your poem. We do not live under the Law, but under grace! Guilt is not our master! We are not longer condemned because of what Christ did for us on the Cross!


    1. Thanks so much Dwight. I’ts been long since we last ‘bumped into each other’…well, It’s just so hard to be engraved deep in sin and fail to feel guilty, not unless you’ve got a dead conscience

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