He is Marvellous


When all else fails
When efforts and fruits repel
When my belief grieves me
And my faith is floored
when friends depart
and family give up on me
When right and wrong seems the same
And worries wear me down
When your existence becomes a myth
And your promises seem like
propaganda propagated by Babylon
to conquer my thoughts,
The beauty of your creation
revives my faith
Big Bang couldn’t have
created a world so beautiful
I’ll look to the mountains,
the oceans and the skies
And remember that the creator
is more marvellous than the creation

16 thoughts on “He is Marvellous”

          1. “Moist with expectations” reading your previous poem might lead me to misinterpretation. But that’s what I meant by versatile – You go from the “deep” to the “very deep”😀
            There’s a poem I wrote that I would have liked you to read called “It’s you time” You should come on over.

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            1. Chevvy, you’re insinuating that there’s a connection between my yesterday poem and my reply here, Lol! I’ll obviously visit your blog, when zigzags of the morning are settled and the mind is ready to perch on twigs yonder. your blog is my other haven of inspiration, though it makes me envious .

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              1. No I’m not insinuating anything, I’m just referring to your range of writing Lol! It’s a talent. Right now,I’m reading one of your nature poems – I work in the area of environment when I’m not writing poetry. Though I’ve travelled a bit and I admire old buildings and historical sites, in the end I love coming home to the wide open spaces – the rivers, mountains,forests and oceans.
                Take your time – come over when you are ready. You know the door is always open and my intention is for it to be a haven to get lost in like a library. You know what, I think I’m going to write a poem on that. See you when are ready to perch on the twigs 😀

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  1. Indeed our Creator God and Father is more majestic and powerful than anything He has created–and we who are His beloved, are truly His favorite creation. May He bless you abundantly this day, and everyday.

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