Defy Gravity


This life we’re given is short
Too short to see enough
Too short to do enough
But still we make a difference

We rise beyond limits
We heal with every compliment
We strive, we triumph, we learn
We live for others
We share, we cure
The hollowness of a heart

But this life is precious
The candle may burnout
Before we reach the end of the tunnel
Then we lie we lived to the fullest
And graves become wealthier

We apportion blames
For goals unattained
Excuses relieving us
But puzzles remain unsolved

I did my part…
The marketer failed me
The lecturer failed me
The pastor robbed me
My parents broke me!

The greatest man I know
Bob Nesta Marley
Impacted the world
With positive vibrations
Without a social media account!

So Rise, Rise
Legends aren’t made
In comfort zones

20 thoughts on “Defy Gravity”

  1. Love it! Esp. the line, “Graves become weather.” I interpret that this life is short but oh the glory of Heaven! 😀 Great job!

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    1. Yes he’s still the richest reggae artist. The funny bit is that he never valued money. He always possessions don’t make people rich, life was his wealth


  2. I like the balance of your thoughts. Well written and insightful….

    Blame is such an odd position. Can I blame you for this being well written. It seems no one else is to blame, I did not write it. Take the blame (or credit).

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