Hi, I’m Dorcas, I had lost my beauty to spare tyres, but only 2 months in this weight loss program, I lost 50 kilos, and I’ve got my beach body back!

Hi, I’m Titus and used to have a lot of belly fat that my doctor said was the sole cause of my erectile dysfunctions but only 2 months in this weight loss program, I lost 30 kilos and I can now hit that thing!

These are the lies they have used to mint billions and leave behind broken people in pursuit of illusionary beauty.

Beauty is a multifaceted phenomenon that can’t be defined by weight alone. In fact, the last time I checked beauty wasn’t synonymous to Slim!

You peg my worth on the sizes of my body parts and expect me to use it as collateral to buy acceptance.

The media is quick to give you statistics of people who die of obesity, but they can’t tell you how many of us die of self-hate because society didn’t accept as the way we are.

They’ll proudly present to you two people who lost weight massively but won’t tell you of the thousands of plus-sized people who’ve committed suicide because of the cyberbullies they paid.

They’ll lie to you that slim people are smarter but won’t tell you that the ‘fat’ kid that came last in class spent half the term at home for fear of being bullied!

Can’t you see, that this weight issue is a propaganda propagated by schemers who want you to make a contribution to the multi-billion weight loss industry they profit from!

And I hear curvy women complain of catcalls, we plus-sized women don’t get catcalled; we get insulted!

We have been called by degrading names; pumpum, momo, superdrum, drumset, I have lost my identity trying to find where I stopped being a human being.

The society with its unrealistic expectations of what a beautiful woman should be has changed me; I’m the master procrastinator. I have a hangman’s noose on my ceiling but every time I climbed the stool, the sun seemed beautiful, I have procrastinated suicide so many times that death itself is procrastinating taking me!

The truth is, I am not fat, I’m well built. I’m not fat, I’m just big in the right places.

I’m not fat; my personality is too big to be constricted in naked bone-frames. I’m not clumsy, I’m not lazy; I’m just too busy living my life to count calories!

The bible says that my body is the temple of God, you think I’m fat? No! I’ve just created more rooms for the angels!

I wasn’t made to impress

I won’t die of stress trying to fit in a cocktail dress, see, I’ve got enough meat for the wedding dress!

Don’t tell me I’m fat when God who owns the world hasn’t complained that I take more space than what he apportioned me.

I’m beautiful the way I am. Period. I don’t even know why I had to write this to prove that to you, when you spend your days on your knees praising how beautiful and wonderful God is! Don’t you know, He’s just like me!

34 thoughts on “Fat”

  1. wow wow and wow, and absolutely true! You’re amazing for sending this message out, not to make people accept you because who are they to judge but at least to get the exact message out to some people-who are they to judge when they were made by the same beautiful being that calls you beautiful, the same one they murder the beautiful creations of

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  2. good read. I agree. I say no one is fat, people just have fat. I have just wrote a blog on this silly concept. If you are happy no need to change. Yes, the media is not portraying reality at all, in fact they are indirectly and often directly also telling us how we should look. well to hell with barbie and ken! or are we in the time of Kim and Kanye… either way I prefer stay just John 🙂

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        1. My dear, there’s a time we all feel dead. I do sometimes. I do most of the time. But we cling on a hope that change begets. Find light in the dark times, embrace your bad self and give yourself the credits for attempting to hold it together how wrecked you’re within. Love thyself, meditate and calm your fears. Because I feel bad myself, we have darkness in common, I love you.


            1. We humans are never completely filled. It’s just that we have different problems. Yours is weight and self loathe, mine is that I’m in my late 20s yet I have nothing to do with my life, another person could be suffering silently as a result of a toxic relationship. But people put up perfect masks to hide , I’m bare, I hate myself sometimes but love wins.

              Don’t look for beauty and acceptance outside; find it within.


  3. Thank you!! I’m glad people are ready to talk about how it feels to be fat. I’m so sick of being fat and not being able to feel beautiful. I don’t even look at my naked body in front of a mirror. Being fat is such a big struggle!!!!!! Not many can understand it!!!!! When I was scrolling down my feed I saw recommendations ” how to lose weight ” i just ignored them and I kept scrolling until I found this post.

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  4. We were all customed designed by GOD and for GOD.Anyones approval is never needed. Never confirm what they think of you, Love yourself,Crad to your level best.Walk on your shoulders high.We are beautiful, YES,just the way we are.

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