Love Thyself

Everyday is battle
Every battle is a chance to conquer
We rise to win love
That which we owe ourselves
Self love is what we need; forget acceptance
Find it in dark alleys
Find it in lonely nights
Let it grow big enough to fill your trinity
That no space is left: for suicidal thoughts to roam
For conformity to sprout
For depression to take root
For standards to rate you
Give a little there, give a little here and reserve more love for yourself
For love comes to those who love themselves.

Good Evening Friend👋

21 thoughts on “Love Thyself”

    1. Thanks Beckies, it is not easy to overcome depression especially when it accompanies suicidal thoughts but sharing reduces the burden and though not easy, filling your mind with messages of hope can help you win. I’m happy you’re doing better now.

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  1. We need to accept ourselves to love ourselves. When we stop looking for acceptance from outside and accept ourselves for who we are, we can then start to love ourselves.

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