Don’t be worried when I shed tears. Be worried when I stop.
When I shed tears, it means I’m dealing with it like a man should. when I stop it means my system is broken, it can shut down any minute.
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28 thoughts on “Tears”

      1. I’ve always been embarrassed to cry. Until one day my system shut down and I couldn’t stop. I still feel like a bitch when I cry, but I needed it. I can’t cry in front of anyone, I have to crawl into a hole.

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        1. It is even better when you are open and free, being in hole gives an audience with your ‘I Threes’, when you’re done crying it feels like the deepest conversation you’ve ever had with yourself.

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                    1. Yes…you’re as healthy as you perceive yourself to be; exercise your mind through meditations and be free–t might take eternity but it will be worth it


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