Broken Earthlings

If you took time to look, you’d see that artists are a very broken lot. We take a lot of shit from people who know nothing about being labelled misfits the minute they realize you’re differently endowed.

It is us (the misfits) they call when they can’t figure their lives out, and we sure know how to help them put their lives back on track.

Shoot! Isn’t there a poem for every problem? Doesn’t a song bandage sores in relationships?

We know how to put everything back on track, but our own lives.

We are safety valves for others. Always preaching optimism, love, and sacrifice, but we hold so much shit within. We hate the person in the mirror. we wrestle daily with our demons. We choke on our inequities everyday, but no! you are strong!

Yeah, you are strong, you will write a poem about it. Darkness is the mother of all creativity. You will overcome as you always do!

I’m learning courage to remind ’em that I am a human being. with broken dreams, failures, a dark past, and a hazy future. I also need help, sometimes just to find a missing pair of socks.

21 thoughts on “Broken Earthlings”

    1. The pain and everything make us who we are, but I don’t like when we’re seen as nothing more beyond the art. We’re humans too, and we need a shoulder sometimes.


  1. Wise observation and reminder, George.

    Reminds me of the psychology students at university — the ones who planned to go into careers as therapists and such. Everyone noticed that they were pretty messed up compared to most other students.

    Years later, I learned what became of them. You can’t always heal others as a therapist, but every time you try, you get a little bit better yourself. In the end, you become among the healthiest people.

    Thank you for sharing your insightful post.

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