IMGL0111I’m George Agak, and I write about weed and balls, a lot. I love my weed in the morning when I wake up, a smoke in the morning puts me in the mood for hustle, only to bring me to rest mode just minutes at my office table.

I question alot of things, and it’s fine. We can’t have all the answers, but most times, I just wanna share a good laugh after hitting my joint!

I stopped trying to be the best of me. Those days are over for me. My days have a rare fluidity; sometimes nothing happens, other times, I get things moving. I’m okay being the worst example, you know, you have to live and let others do the judging. Sometimes I smoke to see though the fog, other times, I just smoke to get wasted.

Still, my daughter loves me. She’s adorable, that little human. Tis a mixed feeling you know, sometimes, I’m proud I have the most beautiful gift in the world, other times, I don’t even think I deserve such treasures.

We try to love, and patch up lost moments with deeper convos. It’s a hard job reaching such depths with someone who can’t speak yet, but we know our language.

I have an affiliate site for weed-related offers, but sometimes I share the links here too. If you stumble upon one, don’t fret, tis how I feed my family. Enjoy your time.





204 thoughts on “About”

                1. Thank you so much SaBiscuit for finding time to read my writes, as I have always done you can bet you will find content worth reading plus expect me to sojourn on your blog…I just hope I am welcomed . As for you, just call this home

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        1. I think that WordPress may have decided that you are a spammer. Sometimes they suspend bloggers who appear to be spamming other blogs. Why don’t you ask WordPress administration if they blocked your blog? Kisses!

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                  1. OK. lets say grinning and smiling may leave lines on your face,hasten aging face but I chose to get wrinkles smiling with the people I care for than grinning at people who want to see me six feet deep beneath the ground

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  1. I appreciate your mention of not alwats writing in first person. As writers, poets, and observers we often do phrase things with “I” but, don’t mean us per say. Sometimes I struggle with sharing works like this because it causes confusion and misunderstanding. A disclaimer so-to-speak definitely helps.

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  2. “I write to trace my thoughts not to show how good I am with words, if you are looking for word genius you are in the wrong place but if you are in love with stories and poetry that revolves around our daily lives then get in and close the door behind you!”

    I feel the same way about my writing. I care about ideas and feelings. Words are tools, not gods.

    Your enthusiasm and confidence are contagious! Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for such a complement. I read other people’s work and I am left wondering I should call my self a writer. But I do have thoughts that I can share with the world and that’s what I do. I write to share and not to show how better I am in writing..

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        1. And that is what makes life enjoyable and complete… without sharing our work we will be worshiping ourselves..building walls around us instead bridges that can help others tap into our art.

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  3. Hello, You found the blog where I post my thoughts and experiences with photography. If you browsed more than my last article you will have noticed that I only discuss photography.
    Nice to be in contact, now that I know about you a will spend some time wandering through your site so I can find out about you.

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      1. You see, you’re one of the “beautiful” people who make me feel cheered when I come on here!
        I earlier explained in one poem about my pain, and that if no one hears from me it is because I’m trying to deal with it. It causes my joints to hurt including my spine, so typing can take extra effort. Anyway still I rise!

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        1. And you’ll still rise.. there are moments that silence is all you need to deal with your demons, I do the same. after sometime you rise above it all with medals. one of the *beautiful people* I am flattered, my ego is now the size of an elephant. 🙂 *hugs*

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            1. OM I realized I needed to be more awake than drunk if I had to get these bills paid freelancing, coffee is damn good at that…plus there has been a high inflation on beer in this part of the world, we’re soon leaving it for the nobles only.

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  4. Thank you for the follow Mr.! And I am glad you stopped by my blog if only for a brief spell as it allowed me to toddle over to your space and learn more about you. I admire your transparency and word spin! You can still be a journalist and report happenings– or even better non-happenings as was your dream. I wanted to be a philosopher for which I thought I needed a Doctorate; or at least a long beard and staff. A year ago I claimed it to be so and so it is.

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  5. George, Thank you for expressing yourself on wordpress. I find your writing most interesting. I can tell you are a deep thinker. You will go far!! Keep writing. The world needs to hear your thoughts. Dwight

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  6. Writers bleed ink, whatever the color. My friends ask with expectation, “So what have you published?” And I answer with my modest fare, as though being published is validation for the statement, “I am a writer.” As you, I am a writer. To not write is to not breathe. Better dead and decaying than not breathing. Not writing. So I leave myself, as do you, out there in black against white — although not so stark and not so black and white — for others to read and react. My one kick against WordPress is the “Like” option. I hate the “Like” option. It’s similar to that third grade book report, “I like this book and think everyone should read it.” Comments, however? I “Like” Comments. And, if you wish, I’ll follow you and make my comments. Not to complain about or downgrade your work, but to challenge you. As I would you challenge me. I remember working in a textile factory where a huge banner was stretched along the wall. It read, “Good enough is not good enough anymore.” I’m not sure everyone in the factory read it. Or if they read it, understood it. Thank you for happening upon “Life as We Know It,” and for deciding to follow my work. When you stop by in the future, leave a comment: good, bad, or indifferent. Meh! LSM. USA. North Carolina. Sugar Mountain.

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    1. Thank you Mr. SkipMars. Expect more of me on your blog. I also love comments more than ‘Like’. You know ‘Like’ is no metric for growth. It’s just a lazy click to show ‘I care’. These could be misread as perfection!
      It’s true what they wrote: “Good enough is not good enough anymore.”..growth trashes status quo!


              1. And so you should. I like to believe that we can rise above the context we were born into. I’m just a stranger trying to help raise you up. I know though that it’s easier said than done. We’ll chat some more, I’m sure.

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                    1. You see, I love fresh days. They come with fresh solutions to incessant troubles. Plus, it’s all we get in equal measure irrespective of class, religion, tribe et cetera. It’s a leveler!

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                    2. I’m so glad you did this. I thought you had changed your mind. I posted mine that day. It’s called “Something happened” Post yours. After you’ve posted, I can add something about the prompt and you can create a link to mine and I’ll reblog yours. Tell me what works for you.

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  7. You are fraudulently using RONAYE SHANDLER HUDYMA as a tag or keyword to direct search results to your site and poetry. Please REMOVE all references at once! A complaint has been filed.

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  8. George, I’m glad I came across your blog. I too resonate with long periods of being in the lost wilderness, wrestling with Jesus to find meaning, and dedicating to the pen to make up for lost time.Thanks for your writing brother.

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  9. George, I love the honest presentation of your blog. Out of your darkest corners of life you have created a jewel. Congrats! No doubt you are a great poet and this blog is therapy to you as is mine to me. I will get to your poems later.


  10. A pity you can’t be without your weed in the morning. We do hope one day you shall find the courage to face the days and people without mind-numbing drugs. So that you get a totally clear view of the world that you can learn to live with and realise the richness of.


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