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Burry me deeper

Burry me deeper enough to stay dumb

Burry me deeper, for I don’t want to witness your fights

Fighting over what you didn’t create

When I labored all alone, broke my spine to give my children a life I only dreamt of as a kid

I see you wagging tongues, now you’re closer to a corpse

A corpse you couldn’t stand as a person

You eulogies suck, praises, now I am the man

Who stood for what is right

Who fed the hungry

Who schooled your children

But you never said thanks when I did all these

Burry me fast, am breaking at the weight of your words

All lies,

I’m not in my grave yet

But I hear rants

Who takes what? Who takes what?

This is mine, which is yours, we share,

Share it all,

He would have liked me to have this,

Are you even my children?

I see them crumbled in a corner

They can’t wail anymore, they are the real losers

They’ve lost a father

And everything the father worked for

That they may enjoy when am gone…

Burry me deep before they begin crying,

I don’t want to see them walking barefoot,

I have no strength left to fight for them

Hunger will never kill them

But your greed will

Burry me deep, deeper enough

That my curses won’t reach you





This Is How The Curious Die

As soon as the sun set

Tina and Josh left

They wore black hoods

And disappeared into the woods

To unknown destination

Escaping destitution

With every forward step they departed from angels

Far into the deep and dark dens of rebels

And soon a shriek was heard

And there was blood

And there was a cry

This is how the curious die

Nyahero lives on

She crawled to my feet, and stretched out her arms to hold onto my knees for support. I moved back and she fell on the ground her palms stamping on the ground, dust and pebbles embedding on her moist palms. She didn’t cry, just kept looking as streaks of saliva flowed from her mouth, mbruu, mprrrr, she purred as her eyes sought mine. I looked into her eyes; those beautiful eyes are the only features she got from her mother. She stretched her arms again and this time I let her hold my knees, she kept looking into my eyes so I lifted her up and threw her in the air. She giggled. When she got back in my arms she stroked my ears and I knew the spirits of her mother were in her. Nyahero how I loved you!, that car should have rammed in me.

Mapambano For Kajwang’ What Have You Done For Kenya?

I was not prepared to write about Hon. Gerald Otieno Kajwang, I do not know much about him but I am not pleased with all a hear certain misguided people speak. As far as I know Kajwang’ he is a fighter, yeah fighting for what we really deserved especially here in Nyanza where Luo’s are only considered for secondary roles and never the leading men. You and I know that were it not for the many NGOs that operate in Nyanza unemployment could be gross in this part of the country since the government has never offered us much in the employment sector. Today Kenya has too many degrees than it really needs but where are the jobs, where are the locks, it seems we have too many keys for doors that are kept aside for certain people: those who own Kenya. Equality is a war that we all need to fight and when I hear mapambano it reminds me that there are still lots to be fought for to be made right and so it isn’t really wrong when Kajwang departs from this Godforsaken Country and leaves us the mantra as reminiscence. I read an opinion of another goon on Facebook and I couldn’t stop thinking why some abortions had to fail. Some people really reason like remnants of a failed abortion! This guy wrote some really nasty things about our departed friend whom according to me is more of a Hero than Jomo Kenyatta even if all he ever did was to sing mapambano, mapambano. At least we won’t remember him for being a political assassin like most people we call heroes are.


Some people are quick to point fingers, that isn’t really my problem, my biggest problem is that we speak when we ought to listen but shut our beaks when we ought to speak. So who speaks when the entire armed forces have become a tribal ball court and who speaks when the poor are made landless by the so called waheshimiwa. Before you open your mouth to speak of other people’s weaknesses, show us your achievements first; what have you done for Kenya? Your tongue is a very powerful ammunition save it for a worthy course.



When born they called me Georgesick mother
But that ain’t the reason i am known
Growing up they called me Agak
living up to date is quite a luck

She looked at me in the eyes
Her palms as cold as ice
And as if she saw the end of time
she said to me: son
The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

The meaning was hard to unravel
Not knowing how close she had to travel
Before she ate the gravel
she said to me: son
The world aint fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

Losing every tear
Confirming all my fear
For a destination not so near
The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

I remember being in streets
The thought of that makes me sick
With wounds too deep to heal
The touch of death i still feel
The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

And now to all my friends
Who hustle for their daily bread
The like of Ken and Ben
The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

We’ve got to part it’s quite a shame
But who am i to take the blame
when all of you were part of the game
lets meet there when you rise to fame
For The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

George Agak