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Sermon in bed: cursed is the man who eavesdrops on the SExscapades of another Man’s genitals

You men, who think it’s wise to make gossip a career should respect balls. If you can’t respect your own, don’t rubbish other men’s. There’s just so much to talk about that it baffles me why someone would find fulfillment in eavesdropping on people’s sexual lives.

When the dust settles, you ask yourself what Edgar has solved with that Jalas and the boys’ story. Just another clout chaser. It was bad, it was happening, but having exposed it, how has it helped the victims?

Now the women in those convos are in worse mental state, possibly could be depressed even, so the man who so many people think of as the hero of the mayhem has actually done more harm to them. Look, the photos, the videos, and the chats were in a private group, safe from the public eye until Edgar happened. Now the girls are everywhere, naked, and I hear mofos asking for videos, what makes you any better?

But you also forget that sex is also transactional. Abled buyer, willing seller. And terms of the transactions is only binding to the two parties.

Say what you wanna say, but Edgar, a man who finds pleasure in bringing down people is no fucking hero. Sex happens in all its illicit hues; married man fucked who in the parking lot, she’s fucking with the shamba boy, look at this intern riding her married boss, now Clinton is fucking with Lewinsky…it happens every time.

But riddle me this, would married men cheat if there were no women willing to be cheated with?

Yo, unless it’s rape, violence, pedophilia, or undue influence, let people live their lives, however sexually weird they might be.

Though I find what these boys did juvenile and wrong, It’s appalling that nobody cares about the women in those chats, or maybe, just another collateral damage. Now go back to your tired life. You’re dismissed, mongoose.

I Am neither Gay nor a Woman

So I am here just doing my stuff. I have no problem with anyone, it’s just me and my computer my only companion that never get bored with my attitude and foul moods. This is my destiny, enslaved to words. You see I live by words , if words ceased to exist today I would die of hunger. Honestly I can’t stomach the arrogance of Bosses and the unrealistic goals they set for you plus waking up in the night just to arrive to the office on time is worse than prison bars to me. I recently got a call center job with one of the biggest digital TV firms in Kenya , the salary was good and I knew I was for it. After attending the training for three days, I still thought it was the best job for me. A chance to practice all I was taught in PR class but all changed the minute I was to press the tip of my pen on the contract. That form just stood there, no glared at me and as I looked keenly at it I realized how useless it was, whatever they used to make that paper could have been used to make a toilet paper coz that’s what I needed. I wanted the quickest point of egress coz I wasn’t going to explain to anybody why I couldn’t sign the paper. Everybody finished and all eyes roved me , I didn’t have to see her face but I knew the HR was burning maybe with fury or loathe whatever it was. Need I care?

I shoved the paper across the table to her, pocketed my pen and picked my file….there was no way I was trading 6/7 days of my week for papers. In plain language I left the job for I knew it was wickedly availed to enslave this son of a peasant.

Now that is that. Like I began I am just here doing my stuff and then this guy initiates a chat on Facebook. He is not strange to me at all but his conversations are. He sent me a friend request last year and since then he had been busying me with uncalled for chats. It’s now months since he last sent me text but today he decided to break the silence. This doesn’t offend me at all, what I find offensive is that this guy is trying to seduce me to be his lover!

I am not gay nor a woman

Seriously do I bear the slightest resemblance to any female creature in this planet? Or is this guy getting constipated in the mind? I guess he is silently telling me that I should be gay! No. Never. I swear. How can I ever be gay when there are countless beautiful ladies who need men to marry them or at least to make scream when lights dim?

I am not gay

My phone isn’t very good with pictures but I hope you can follow bits of this conversation. If you’re able to get a glimpse of his name, check him on FB and tell him to stop pursuing sexual satisfaction on Facebook. Need I say he is a Ghanaian and I am Kenyan…did he think we’ll be mating on Skype?

I am not gay nor a woman