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Lengthen the Rope

I’m not your dream husband
There’s a lot you haven’t known
I’m just a loose-leafed book
And my pages caress with winds
I’m just a thirsty traveler,
I drink chilly waters
from coolest rivers
but no river can change my course
nor end my adventures
You love me?
I know
I wish I could love you in equal measure
But love is a strange thing
Those who give it
Never get it back
Mine is a heart of stone
Love can never sprout
Blame it
On the one before you
Who ripped it apart
when the vultures had fed on the pieces
The heart mender filled the frame with stones
I feel no emotions
Just concern
Dear this thing will hurt you
But you can’t tether me
I enjoy my adventures
In the forests of the valley
And tenderness of the hills
I traverse between small and large crevices
Elixir for my worn soul
Dear if you have to tether me
Lengthen the rope
I’am a wild goat
I eat the healthiest plantain shoots
If you must tether me
Lengthen the rope

Don’t Leave Please

Baby dont go

Baby sit down let’s talk

Coz Contrary to your belief not all is lost
Don’t drag that bag out the door
Sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice
But you left me no choice
But to do the void


You know I can’t stop you if you want to leave
Coz it’s pointless forcing you to live with me
But give me a reason to believe
That in this situation a breakup is the only remedy


You say it’s not me, it’s you but that’s true coz the changes are visible, you spend more time before a mirror, you now apply make-up, you’ve changed your perfume and embraced stilettos, I see G-strings in our bedroom but I’ve never seen you in them I wonder who does, you’ve become so mindful of the clothes you wear .Definitely you dress to impress but no doubt you don’t do that for me!


What’s worse, not once you’ve called me Nick at the height of orgasm making me feel like a gardener in my own palace baby if anybody is wrong in this relationship it’s you! But still I choose to look at the better side of you, despite the lately flaws in your character you’re still my lighthouse, brightening every darkest corner of my life, you erased my feelings of self-loathe borne of endless failures in all spheres of life and heartbreaks from past relationships. You are an angel I stumbled upon in the dark sent by God of rain to flood my arid heart and let love bloom as never before


Baby don’t leave, why do you want to break my heart
You can roast my liver on your grill for lunch
Or better yet munch my bones for calcium
Maybe then you will know how much of you live within me


you say parting is the best for us, Baby that’s so mean, that’s so wicked that’s so lethal, you know your love encrypts my DNA if you leave I will be lame.


How did we get here in the first place, I hate this place, it stinks, it stings it feels like you are stripping the bandages, the stiches that holds my heart into a piece and hammering nails in their place expecting me to sit back and endure the pain like ‘a real man’ and term it collateral damage, baby that’s insane! I know your heart maybe depleted of all the love you had for me but I believe you have some sanity left therein *points at the head*   If you let me I will spread your brain on a silver platter and immaculately handpick all the doubts, the seeds of deceit and mistrust and replace them with a twin tower of love and trust that we may relish what was once flawless


I know you may be running late
But you can’t leave me burdened by all the blame
If not for me then in honor of the love we share
Would you look into my eyes and tell me what we had is no longer there
Truth hurts but it frees, maybe I will be strong to let go and be the one to give you bus fare!