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pages in history

History is present
Troubling us with repeats of yesterday’s mayhem
Blood didn’t dry
And ground wasn’t barren
So seeds of hate sprouted
Watered by sycophancy and greed
What’s right isn’t profitable
What’s profitable isn’t right
Like freedom fighters who lost all while freeing the nation
We have been looted by those we paid to protect our wealth
And they’ve killed us for defending whats ours
Big cars they drive
Fuelled by our thin wallets
And soon they’ll back to shed more blood
For the gods they worship
The nation isn’t ours
We dont belong
We’re pawns on a chessboard
No life of our own
But just items of trade
And bargaining chip for political supremacy
So slavery isn’t dead
Just a page in history
Embeded on the present


Greed Poisons Souls

Greed poisons souls

It’s a cancer some inherit from the old

While some cultivate it with their own hoes

They never get satisfied, these ambitious whores


In their world exist no laws

They create them, laws for the broke

We elect them, from us they rob

You blow whistle, to your grave you’re gone


They have no limits, the greedy bastards

Once followers, they made us scavenging rascals

We demonstrate, their swords are out of scabbards

They are now killers, knew them as land grabbers


To children they inflict painful wounds

No balls on their playgrounds

Just guns, teargas and police dogs

It’s a curse being here, where injustice abounds



Greed Poisons souls
Children served Teargas while protesting grabbing of school playground by a politician