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😒😒A Letter to the Living Dead😒😒

I have written before
But, I will write some more
My letters do reach you and I hope you’ll answer

My dearest husband, this isn’t the life we dreamt of, and that doesn’t cause me pain. What hurts me is that you created us and broke us when you sighted a virtual petite half your age.
I now live in permanent fear because I dread the question, what will I tell them when they begin asking about you?
Should I lie?

Or do I just make it clear that my thighs weren’t warm enough to bring you home? Will these children understand? Because I have seen the question in their eyes, it just remains unspoken.

Forgive me for not beginning with a greeting of any kind, for 9 years are too long and a lot have changed in this life and so are my priorities. This is a microwave age, you hit the spot, no dilly-dallying. Plus, wouldn’t greeting you unearth the beautiful memories I’ve buried in our backyard?

I don’t want to remember you, at least as the man I married. These memories are razors too sharp to cut, so they burn: all the dreams of our children, all the promises we made to them in the hospital, and all the longings of my heart for the man you were before short skirts short wired your brain.

I had seen it coming, the siren was loud enough to awaken the dead but it wasn’t loud enough to enlighten a fool in love. The nights were lonely and sleep was elusive, the nights you locked yourself in your study and wore your thick glasses and began your lessons, only for sexual noises to flood my room hours later.

And I would hear you unlocking the bedroom door and slink into my sheets, you’d spend the night moaning strange names and shit talking. It might have taken long but I knew the internet woman had taken my place in your loins.

And I hoped, prayed, and wrote letters to heaven to give me my husband back, but all the while you had gotten used to flawless thighs the world had to offer, albeit virtually.
I wasn’t a woman enough to satisfy your sexual needs, but d’you mean to say a motion picture is warmer than me? It would be different if you cheated with a living female, but I swallowed my pride and prayed some more for things to change.

Every night as I tucked my children, I hugged them tighter, and in every hug was a whispered prayer that they might have a taste of the man I married. The loving husband, the caring father and the foundation of our home but you were too busy making love to your virtual women to chorus the Hail Mary refrain.

The morning you left, I cried. It seemed like any other day but my intuition told me otherwise, deep down I knew there was no conference, but I still waited for the two weeks to elapse in the belief that you couldn’t desert your children. It’s now 9 years and the conference isn’t over yet.

I have heard rumours, of sworn affidavits and changed names. I have also heard rumours of short skirts and young women and late night diners, I was happy when I heard the latter for I knew you were learning to be a man again.

Just so you know, I haven’t been idle, shoot, I’ve got children to feed and school and though we were thrown into the streets like wild dogs, heavens opened its gates and ushered us in. I now have a job, my children are learning with white kids, perhaps they’re taught how to be men.

But wait?

Isn’t that ironical? That the same whites who taught my husband how not to be a man can teach my kids how to be men? I think I need a new school.

Certainly, I didn’t write this letter to tell you all this, what I want is simple. Meet your kids. Give them a chance of knowing how not to be a father.

Don’t ask how I got your address, I changed my name too. And it’s a small world. I’m so sorry I couldn’t approve your tender, my corporation only works with real humans. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Hearts will shrink

There comes a day when reality will spill on the pages of our lives, when your heart will shrink to encapsulate the little I offered. And we’ll weep why love always is an improper fraction, weighty expectations on malnourished shoulders

Meet Me at the River

Jaber today lets meet at the River at sundown

I really have to see you, but I can’t come to your place

Your father nearly killed me; he’d be a murderer if I failed to pick myself from the ground

I still don’t understand how he knew I was waiting by the fence

I am suspecting Akinyi told him, or does he consult oracles these days?


I knew Akinyi will never keep our little secret

She is very jealous of what we have

The other day she called me a reject

And concealed it by imitating the way I laugh


She had to be the one who wrote our names on sisal

Surely, why can’t she let us be?

She can do whatever she wants but one thing is vital

Your father mustn’t know I was the one he wanted to kill

You must do all you can, my identity to conceal


I heard that he was asking why I didn’t come to milk Dibuoro

I wasn’t feeling well, that rungu nearly broke my spine

This pain is too much but the love we have for us is worth the sorrow

I love you so much, I can do anything for you; even eating raw swine


N/B: I know you will ask, lemme just tell you before you ask

I am using red ink because I got confused seriously

I thought I slipped a blue pen in my pocket but darkness is a liar

Kumbe it was red, now I am still in the fields grazing owada




Please come with some Robb or Kaluma

My back is aching, I need massage

I love you like milk and potato

To The Woman I Want To Make My Wife

Dear You.

I hope this letter find you fine. I place this pen on paper and watch it as it glides on it spewing ink. It’s my hope that when you trace the path of this pen you will not only find the hurt and hollowness in me but also reasons that will make you want to spend the rest of your life with me. But with that said I don’t intend to bleach the dark side of my life just to entice you to be a part of me. NO, I am very blunt, loving the harsh realities of life than the sugar coated venom. So welcome into my world where bitter truth is embraced and sweet lies are shown the door.

It’s rather weird to begin a letter with confessions but that’s right where I am beginning this letter to you, See before I met you I had fallen in love, not once, not twice but thrice. First I fell in love with Samantha, back then I was still very naïve to believe in fairytales that my eyes served me when I watched EL CUAPO. Dear, you shouldn’t be mad at Samantha. That love was impossible, forget about her breathing close to my ears. I didn’t even see her out of her school’s compound neither did I see the flesh beneath her school uniform. I guess I shouldn’t have met her in the first place because she left me at a loss. The day she ended our last call I knew she parted with a piece of my heart.

Secondly, I fell in love with faith who unlike her name wasn’t faithful enough to give our relationship a breath of endurance to scale us through the tests of life. When we broke up she left a vacuum in me that my desperate quest to fill got me encircled in the arms of Edith. I guess she isn’t worth the mention.

Thirdly, I fell in love with Esther who even after being with me for 4 years wasn’t ready to quell the belief that a charismatic young man with a light skin and a pretty smile wasn’t to be trusted.

If it makes you feel right, I have been single for years now; just waiting for you but even if I got you today you still won’t be my number one as I gave that to God who is gracious enough to grant me the breath of life every day in spite of my crippling weight of sins, see the bibles tells that the wages of sin is death but he still grants me my daily bread needless to mention he gave his son as ransom for my freedom from chains of sin so I am convinced that he loves me more than you will.

Dearest don’t let this underestimate the love I have for you, I love you more than the oceanic waves love the shore. Even entomologists know that the love I have for you is much more than that grasshoppers have for each other. I give you my heart and even though I can’t afford a mansion I give you the permission to pitch a tent in it and forever call it home, where you belong.

My dear I would like you to bear me four children but even if I knew today that you won’t bear me a single child I would still be in pursuit of you for I know there is more to a woman than the fruits of her womb.

Dearest I know I may not afford to take to you to Diani for a single night but please don’t add that to an already long list of my limitations, Instead I will take you out in the chilly night , we will count the stars and marvel at the beauty of the constellations.

It’s a shame poverty knows my name but you can bet on my neck my mother never gave birth to a weakling, Nyamasita never have birth to a beggar and I will soil my hands to avail all your needs and to my children I will break my spine if I have to just to give them a life I never had.

Dearest in this life do not be quick to please for no one will appreciate it even if you did. Do not break your legs in pursuit of legacy neither let your love for glamour of this world put you through crazy tendencies. Instead learn to love yourself before you love the world and appreciate the fact that you are a precious jewel at least before my eyes, even if all you see when you stand before a mirror are your flaws and imperfections be content because the flaws you see in you couldn’t be substituted by these plastic beauty that my eyes have grown tired of seeing.

You’re a perfect embodiment of proverbs 31 woman.

A woman of virtue, a woman who knows that sitting around won’t pay bills. She knows that crops need no weeds and orphans too have needs. She brazes through the scotching sun fending for her kids despite the heat.

Please accept to spend the rest of your life with me but if death may snatch me away from you; cry, don’t be ashamed of your tears but remember the world will continue spinning and so you shall have to forge ahead. Stay in our home, take care of our children and though friends will depart remember you won’t be alone, you can count on God for he will sail you through the storms of this life.

Stick with me through rise and fall, sweet and bigger. This world is mean and greed rules it. When they bring bulldozers to have our mansion brought down, stay strong, with every pair of our hands we will collect sticks and leaves, be content with a makeshift coz it won’t be long before God restores our possessions. Just in case you forget I LOVE YOU

I am waiting to hear from you.