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Raging Wind

Wild wind raged
Kanga on cloth line gone
Who’ll answer the questions?


Take me back

Take me back to the days
My grandfather spoilt me with gifts
His eyes shone with love and every word he uttered
Was an assurance that all was well

Take me back to the days
When we sat out in the night
As the moonlight worked overtime
To let us see the smiles these faces homed
My grandfather narrated tales of Lwanda Magere
And how they fought in Burma
In war they termed as Panyako

My grandfather was not a hero of war
But a hero of love
He knew how simple things like
Smiles brightened souls and how
Simple games created covalent bonds

Take me back to the days
When my grandfather ferried me
On his bicycle to church
Even when he knew I would spend
All my time playing outside the church

Take me back to the time
We shared meals
Back in the time
When LOL meant
Lots of Love!

Gravity Will Forget

Gravity Will Forget

Will Gravity ever forget?
That I ever existed
When pain is all it begets
Starving me while others feasted
Bruising my back on ragged earth
Breaking the spine of my life
Decimating my worth
As my body and soul got in strife
Pulling me back always
Weakening my strength
Barricading all my ways
And ushering anxiety in my life’s depth
Chaining my feet to anvils
Pounding my dreams to pulp
And feeding them to weevils
As my blood devils gulp
Bruising my knuckles
Spraining my muscles
Around depression tightening my buckles
Its ceaseless hassles

Will gravity ever forget?