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A Toast To Anything

Clinking glasses of red wine in hands on rustic wooden planks ba

Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to the comfort of unemployment and humility of empty sugar dishes, to absinthe and innocence-eyed cougars, to landlord notices, to music, to cold nights and warm bodies, to contraceptives and missed periods… and to the good life, whatever it is and wherever finds you, to sighs of missed calls, to serenity of nature and positive vibrations it brings with it…

Let’s toast to pretty faces and big asses,to supple lips and seductive eyes, to smitten pastors and falling bibles…to rumbling stomachs and naked tissue rolls, to missing left socks and stripped bible pages, to blocked drainages and grey water, to missing family members, to absences found in presence of nagging wives, to weed and chimney noses, to thirst for righteousness and magnetism of pornography, to failed attempts and soiled hopes, to bodies torn after deities’ duel, to life in fullness; what you consider it to be!
Thank You, God for simplifying life
Thank you God for a chance to right my wrongs
Thank you God for Nesta or Isabella
Youtube, Thank you for another euphoric sound escape!

Muggers haven’t got a Prayer

Everything was happening so fast I didn’t even have time to contemplate. He was floored, a stream of blood gushing out of his mouth forming a pool on the ground below his chin. He spread his legs and winced in pain, speaking a language I’m yet to understand; this language you speak when your tongue is glued on the floors of your mouth and you still feel sign language isn’t enough to reveal the depth of pain that your entire system is drowning in. His eyes were a lifeless terror-stricken orbs foraging through the crowd for any person with even a vestige of humanity left in him to give a helping hand. The hysteria hadn’t calmed when they brought the last of weapon to end it all; a boulder whose full weight got four men clench their teeth and crash! He was gone…drugged by greed and ill-will. Wails, sirens, laughter and tears make a weird cocktail for those highly susceptible to melancholy. I sigh. Blow his brains, blow his brains. Muggers haven’t got a prayer!

Popcons for 100th post

Some people were not built for begging, even if they need whatever they are asking for they will be mistaken to have already got it. I am fortunate to be in this category but today I drop the tittle and I am here asking for popcons, bottles of all drinks brewed, chicken breasts, biscuits, chocolates or coffee and whatever it is you can offer, its my 100th post and we need to toast…But before you begin sending anything I think I owe you much more especially those who have been reading, rating, sharing, rebloging, commenting and liking my posts. Most importantly I thank those who have been critiquing my works, you have made me grow . I thank you for being here and may you please stamp your presence on this blog, if it makes you grow, well and good, read and read more of my writes. If everything in this blog has fallen short of your expectations, please share with and help me know how I an surpass your expectations but even in the midst of it all don’t forget that its the imperfection in what we do that make us human,perfection is the greatest enemy of creativity and when what you thought is broken is not fixed even after you suggesting that I do so, just know it was meant to be broken or it wasn’t broken in the first place!

Stay, here I can’t promise you much, for you have been promised bigger things but you can know you will always find enough to read whether borne of creativity or insanity. Being a little insane isn’t that bad after all, insanity spices life and life will never be life without flaws and insane beings of my variety.

what a coincidence my 100th post is on a full moon.. it looks like a ball of fire!

Now let the goodies flow! send anything but veges, av got enough!!

Love you all,
George Agak

Love and Fortune Spammers

Hello Dear,

I’m Vivian By name, I saw your profile here on and it

caught my attention for a faithful friendship that based on trust.

I will be waiting for your response so that i will tell you more about me and send you my picture for you to know whom i am.


I have taken quite long before checking into my spam folder, wow its got filled. there are very many messages on my spam folder but all of them are either about money or relationships and I am here asking myself why are some people always trying to induce us to fall their prey by using the very things that we value so much?

You may not like it but I feel these spammers are not very good people, how can they reduce my human quality to bucks and women? Am I some rat being summoned to its death spot by just a piece of meat? The realization of how these people have belittled me sets my stomach blazing and the reply I give to all the love seekers is:

You Bitch my Spam folder isn’t for sperm gluttons

Leave your couch, stroll towards the beach, find a mate


And here is another fortune:

How would you like to make REAL m0ney online?


I mean, making m0ney 24/7 even when you’re


not online but goofing off somewhere:


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This is the system I use and you can set up


in just 5 minutes with one of the options!


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Ok, the website is a little “hype” but


this is the real deal…


Look, I’ve tried tons of stuff over the years,


the good and bad.


And this system WORKS.


I know because I’m using it everyday.


So are thousands of others.


Go to the member’s area and look at STEP 2!


==> Goto it now <==


Hope this helps.


I have no words left. Please tell him something he needs to hear