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For years I thought I lived by my Strength
When I did everything I planned so well
I thought I even owned myself
Needless to mention, my breath

I always struggled to put things in order
In my success I felt even bolder
With praises I got, pride came my way
Little did I know this was the beginning of my gloomy days

Pride, pride, pride
You’re the root of torment in a person’s life
You’re such a liar, you told me to expose my claws to scare my enemies
How could I know this was your plan to change my destiny?
And when the fight began I was so defenseless having lost my claws to my enemies’ tricks

When it began raining on me you brought me shame
You left me alone to wallow in my pain
And then sadness became my uninvited company
Throughout all my days of agony

I have always hated to lack
But need I say it has made me learn?
That I am powerless to live on my own
Even if I had the best of place to call home

And no one does believe this or not
For your life is in the hands of God
He who had your destiny known
Long before you were born

Do you doubt this?
Think of Nebuchadnezzar
Would you live a life like his?
Dear friends your life is just but a God’s treasure

Sometimes I wish I lived like the biblical Job
He who had unwavering faith and trust in God
And with all his wealth he never knew pride
I wonder if we still have such people alive

If we live by our own strength
Then, Why can’t we find water in our wells?
Why do we hunger?
Why can’t we quench our thirst for more wants?
Why don’t we have peace in the world?
Why? Why? Why?…………….’tis endless whys

I believe I live by his grace
He who knows me by name
If I cry in this life
My tears he’ll wipe.

-George Agak



ROBBER praying
ROBBER praying

Our Father in Heaven
I accept I am such a reject
But my only Father is you
As long as the skies are blue

I am a teacher by profession
But this job gives me no satisfaction
It drove me into a pool of debts.
Debts. that may take away my breath

My wife needs a fridge
My daughter is home for fees
My son needs new shoes
Ooh Lord, Would you save me from this noose?

Father, you are the king of provision
But sometimes it’s rather hard to reason
You have all the wealth at your palm
Why must my life be so hard?

Is it because I don’t go to church?
Isn’t a prayer just enough?
Why must I go through all this pain?
With nothing worth to gain?

Ooh Christ the most holy
You are the one and the only
Who can lift the lowly to glory
My cry I bring to thee
That you may uplift me

Father before you I bring my weapons
Weapons, necessary for my mission
But with all the weapons I still need your protection
To accomplish this mission

Protect my family in my absence
And to every premise give me access
To the police give the best of sleep
That I may get all I need

And now for my mission I leave
When seen give me the speed to flee
If caught don’t let me get lynched
In court give me enough bribe to set me free

Remember I have mouths to feed
So please, avail my every need
I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ
-Agak George

These Days Are Gone But The Memories are still Strong.

I guess  Its too early to start with these old men cries of ‘ I wish time was a tape recorder that you would rewind until you  have listened to the content to your satisfaction’ but in life there are some moments that you begin to yearn for barely a minute you depart from the scene.

To bring this point home let me welcome you to bits of my past life. I grew up in the countryside where vehicles rarely came by,tarmacadam roads were not in existence and a flying aeroplane was then the holy spirit (we thought it was a link between  man and God) but then there was all we needed to make our daily lives move on well if not better!

We had a large herd of cattle and grazing after school was more than a hobby to me – it was a necessity. The fields where we went to graze was a platform where very many talents were perfected, they brood runners, footballers,fighters  and needless to mention very aggressive Casanovas.

I loved to graze but just as everybody has a reason for why they leave their beds everyday i too had Mine.

Firstly the fields gave me a sense of belonging as we did everything with lots of cooperation, we made stories, narrated old tales, played hide and seek, shared lunch that we even ate from the same pot,played football (ours was made from polythene bags bound by strings) and all these activities created a very strong bond between us nurturing the feel of brotherhood between us.

And mistake we Made and troubles we got as if we went hunting for them . I can vividly remember one day when we had all our attention on the match and forgot that we were herding, the cattle invaded our neighbors cornfield and nearly consumed everything to ground , what followed was a shower of strokes from our uncle who had earlier  made playing football when herding a taboo.

We even went hunting squirrels and hare, we even hunted birds and laid a special trap (kithar) for them. Our grandparents were an epitome of love, they gave us all the affection they had left and nyatiti we played and danced and that music never grew old..Ooh I cant narrate all these stories now but all i know these memories are worth remembering at least for the sake of healing and finding the lost souls.


When born they called me Georgesick mother
But that ain’t the reason i am known
Growing up they called me Agak
living up to date is quite a luck

She looked at me in the eyes
Her palms as cold as ice
And as if she saw the end of time
she said to me: son
The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

The meaning was hard to unravel
Not knowing how close she had to travel
Before she ate the gravel
she said to me: son
The world aint fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

Losing every tear
Confirming all my fear
For a destination not so near
The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

I remember being in streets
The thought of that makes me sick
With wounds too deep to heal
The touch of death i still feel
The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

And now to all my friends
Who hustle for their daily bread
The like of Ken and Ben
The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

We’ve got to part it’s quite a shame
But who am i to take the blame
when all of you were part of the game
lets meet there when you rise to fame
For The world ain’t fair
You’ve got to fight for your fair share

George Agak

You Made Me Be Me

You Made Me Be Me

With every step i took in life, you were always there to guide and protect my interests, and at some point in my life i thought you were being so hard on me.
I wanted freedom to do all that i thought would bring me joy but having grown before me you knew the consequences of these actions that i wanted to take…How many times had you talked to me to quit doing things that would hurt my career?
Yet i never gave an ear to what you told me and at times you had to cane me to tore the line.
Having seen the sacrifices you made to see me through school,i’m now convinced that you were concerned about me and its quite unfortunate that most of the time i dissapointed you so much..What you did for me cant be paid for by any amount of money,silver or Gold!…. .But i guese you still have the grace to forgive me for having strayed and accept my gratitude..

Courtesy-Does it cost Much?

More often than not we experience certain scenarios that we never want to see or other go through again in your entire life. In offices, bus parks and social joints we are subjected to treatments that leave us wondering for how long will this drought of courtesy be with us…
Recently i was visiting a fellow student who happens to be taking a diploma course in a different institute,not known to me was that i had to leave my National identity card with the security guy…but guys isn’t there a first time for everything? is it always good to assume that everybody knows what we know?
I tell you, that gate man didn’t ask me for my card, what he did was, he let me pass but before i could walk three steps, he shouted at me in the most embarrassing way,”you fool where do you think you are going?”…i swear it took me seconds to realize that i was the fool being referred to! and before i knew it the scene had attracted so much attention.
This left wondering how much it could have cost him to ask me politely for my ID.
Needless to mention i didn’t even accomplish my mission just because of this disgusting,unprofessional security chief.
Guys lets rain courtesy in in this desert that has dried for lack of etiquette.especially in Kenya where everybody knows how lack of courtesy had cost a senior judge her job…she didn’t see the security girl as a person and mistreated her…and need i say she got recognized for that?

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