Courtesy-Does it cost Much?

More often than not we experience certain scenarios that we never want to see or other go through again in your entire life. In offices, bus parks and social joints we are subjected to treatments that leave us wondering for how long will this drought of courtesy be with us…
Recently i was visiting a fellow student who happens to be taking a diploma course in a different institute,not known to me was that i had to leave my National identity card with the security guy…but guys isn’t there a first time for everything? is it always good to assume that everybody knows what we know?
I tell you, that gate man didn’t ask me for my card, what he did was, he let me pass but before i could walk three steps, he shouted at me in the most embarrassing way,”you fool where do you think you are going?”…i swear it took me seconds to realize that i was the fool being referred to! and before i knew it the scene had attracted so much attention.
This left wondering how much it could have cost him to ask me politely for my ID.
Needless to mention i didn’t even accomplish my mission just because of this disgusting,unprofessional security chief.
Guys lets rain courtesy in in this desert that has dried for lack of etiquette.especially in Kenya where everybody knows how lack of courtesy had cost a senior judge her job…she didn’t see the security girl as a person and mistreated her…and need i say she got recognized for that?


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