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I’m not ready, she said
You have to be, he replied
And that was final
She, left neck- deep into the mess
Chained to the ways of the land
The daughter of the lake
A man she has to take
Father’s choice
20 yrs was the age difference
She complained she had another
But gods had decided
And their will she had to obey
She had been fed enough
It was time she got disposed
An item of trade she was
And a herd of cattle was the price
Who cares:
If he loves her or not?
If her heart melts for another?
If he’ll treat her well or not?
If he had a functional engine or not?
She had to be married
To the man who’d lost sight
But still had insatiable appetite for tender flesh
The three-legged man whose backbone needed straightening
He smiles, he whispers seduction but all she thinks;
“Old man you need a mouthwash”
Who cares?
She’ll get used
A herd of cattle wasn’t a small price to pay


My Father’s Barren Land

My father’s barren land still has a breath of life
A life that’s meanly kept for itself
Nothing ever grows here
Just rocks and bits of glaring pebbles

This barren land has nothing to offer
Just rocks with slippery surfaces
A haven for reptiles
Where lizards and snakes
Play their witty games

On this land cassava once blossomed
Only to get dehydrated before harvest
Mother ditched this barren land
Left it for the wild to roam in undeterred

This barren land is cursed
By the fathers of our fathers
Those it denied meals to feed
And shadows to rest

Dear fallen fathers
This land is good for something
Please vacate your current graves
And come inhabit this land
Let its belly swallow you
Let its rocky wall shield you
But again dear fathers
Will its shallow belly accommodate you?

Father she is growing

She is growing father
Can’t you see her breasts are pushing her dress further?
Her hips are widening
Her lips getting softer
Her skin becoming thicker
Her bosom broadening

Father can’t you see her armpits getting hairy
The curiosity in her eyes…she’s getting scary

Father I think she travelled to the moon
If not she will be there soon
Coz I saw tuck a piece of blanket beneath her junction

Father she is the reason boys flock our homestead
Why can’t they go to uncle’s place instead?

Father I saw her talking to Ben
They are planning to play the adult game
And then she will be gone, he will elope with her

Father talk to elders
Arrange for her wedding
And give her away
Before she loses her virginity
That will reduce her bride Price
Father she has completely grown, in a full woman

Lessons from Alaro Wuon Omollo

Lessons from wuon Omollo

Grandchild, this world is a seasonal spring

Revel in its beauty today but don’t forget there’s tomorrow

Fill your plate but remember to chew for those who have no teeth

Like birds be happy and always creep out of sorrow

For the sun will brighten every dark spot in your path

Boy, go to school and get the white man’s knowledge

But stick to the ways of the land from whence springs wisdom

Strive to acquire great possessions

But don’t let wealth be your obsession

For then you may get all at the price of your soul

Let me introduce you to women

They are great people because they give birth to we men

They are lovely, loving and sweet beings

But just like bees they sting

They wound hearts

They kill

Don’t be deceived by their beauty as that fades

Go for virtue which forever stays

When you finally fall in love give it your all

In your woman create a queen and be the King; her Protector

But don’t tell her everything lest she beckons your fall

Delilahs aren’t yet extinct, the devious traitors

Child you have Mbola (good looks) and ladies will flock you

Do not exploit them; instead remind them that charm is deceptive

Help them see beyond your good looks and choose the one who loves all that is within

You also have Chia (charisma) and people will hearken to your voice

But don’t champion destruction and enslave your followers

Instead empower them, give them a voice and shun fanatism

Boy, this world spins

You may harvest today, fill your granaries

Remember to share with the hungry

For you will also need help when pests invade your granaries and consume everything

When time comes for you depart from this world

Pray that your descendants will prosper

That your name and mine may find longevity even after we are gone

We are mere mortals and so trust only in God

That you may find reward in the heavens when this world crumbles

Nudity isn’t my Choice but Stripping isn’t an Option

There are some issues that I do not even feel comfortable writing about, I mean how do I begin writing about nudity? To be honest I have always thought of nudity as a synonym to bedroom. Yeah, it’s synonymous to bedroom or so it ought to be. Women have taken their right to dress what they want too far: exposing as much as they can get away with which has rubbed our touts the wrong way.

Testosterone surge

There is something that every woman should keep in her mind whenever she is choosing what to dress lest the hashtag #Mydressmychoice will become too harsh on them. Men have testosterone hormones that will surge whenever too much is exposed by women and that has contributed to a number of rape cases in our countries. In Kenyan Schools they never teach life skills like how to suppress testosterone in case a woman exposes too much and so most of them have developed very crude ways of dealing with ‘indecently’ dressed women: stripping them naked. The touts are the champions of this movement and the whole country is now busy debating on whether what Embassava touts did is worth it, is it the best remedy? I don’t think so.

Misplaced priorities

Nudity isn't my choiceI am not in support of #Mydressmychoice thing but I know that stripping a woman naked because she has dressed in a sexually stimulating manner is not the best option. It should not even be thought of as an option because honestly it will never work. Why are we so concerned about small things that affect us the least? And why are we using double standards in our bid to uphold African culture and restore decency in our dressing styles? I am an artist and I tell you that most of our top male artists shag their trousers until their bruised buttocks are exposed and nobody cares, why can’t they be stripped? Why do we strip women only? I know the answer, this is simply because they are defenseless and will only rely on sympathy of the touts unlike men who can through blows and kicks in defense.

Secondly, Nairobi is a place where a robber will order you to give him your phone Maliza ulete so they say, you will give him the phone and walk away in broad day light under the very eyes of the self-proclaimed African culture loyalists in the name of touts-Some of them are thieves, they nearly robbed me at Machakos buspark. Why can’t they deal with the robbers the same way they deal with our ‘indecently’ dressed ladies? To make matters worse there is no set standard of dressing in Kenya therefore what I might term as indecent may not be indecent to you.

#Nudityisntmychoice but we need to appreciate that we have different tastes in everything we do and like some wise men once said, a one man’s meat may be another man’s poison. We should find other avenues of dealing with this problem since when you strip a woman naked, you are not only encroaching her rights but also stripping her dignity and ripping her individuality apart. keep in mind we have sisters and mothers who dress the same way and we will be least pleased to have them accorded the same treatment.

Nothing Underneath

Things will always change

Like Summer to winter

Little remains the same

Even flowers blossom, and then wither

Are all changes worth an embrace?

We dressed in hides and Skins

They brought us dresses to make us neat

And triangular briefs to hold our dangling miniature feet

Then came the thongs with straps that got lost in butts

And fenced our women’s empress

Was this worth an embrace?

All hell broke loose

Pants and thongs divorced

‘Thighland’ and grassland exposed

We forgot we made a truce

Never to publicly expose

Should we embrace this too?

And mama is not amused

Her rich culture abused

Why have we fled from our roots?

Mama Africa please stop being Mute

Speak , I need to know if you approve