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A friend of speed (REMIX)

A friend indeed is a friend of speed

Someone who gives a shoulder when you’re weak

He avails whatever in his reach whenever you seek

Someone who chose to be with you despite your inequities

And when you are at the verge of giving up he reminds you of your abilities

A Friend who will not sit back and watch you take poison

But will help you potentiate the concoction

And take it with you when suicide becomes the only option

Someone who will turn her long skirt into micro mini and give you the extra piece to patch your torn pants

Someone who interrupts your sleep just to say goodnight

Someone who will talk to you all night when you’re sick of insomnia

Someone who will reduce himself to a hankie when tears flow

Someone you can tell “let’s go to hell” and all he asks is “when?”


It’s quite a shame you never met any of the above criteria

I never knew you, but I opted to help

When you had nothing, mired in shame

Put a roof over you and before you a plate

You trashed my art and called it pursuit of cheap fame


And I gave you time hoping our friendship would blossom

But instead you became a deeply rooted weed harbored in the depths of my heart choking every illustrious sprouts of goodness I had been sprinkling for years

And now a mention of your name just makes me wanna throw up

For the rust you left on the walls of my heart has culminated into something different, I spend every day of my life scrubbing these walls and what’s more every particle of rust pitted crawls along with tiny peelings of trust and generosity I’ve got left…so how can I ever trust again


As the sun rises from the east

so will your troubles never cease

I thought I was your cure but you saw me as the disease

Never expected thanks but those words shouldn’t have escaped your lips

I read about it but you made me feel the pain of Judas’ Kiss


Just like fingers differ in length

So do we differ in strength

Even an elastic band can only stretch to a limit

No matter what I did in your world I couldn’t fit in


You came in as a victim of worldly torture

Enslaved in sort of mental stupor

I gave you a home

And shoes to cover your feet

Then you served me a taste of Judas’ kiss

Copyright ©George Agak 2014

Suicidal Thoughts

In grave silence, unfathomable darkness

Nature’s listening to her racing heartbeat

Jagged rocks, hungry earth, demonic presence

Pregnant belly, lost husband, DEAD BEAT?

Suddenly the winds begin to whisper

Bats flapping wings, circling about in mockery

Her priceless soul, the grave be the highest bidder

Betrayal, she weeps, if you call this love its worse than robbery

Was she to blame, when all she did was to love

When she gave all she had until a piece of her heart she had none?

She gave the whole of herself to him the very day he poked her orifice

And now a corollary to that love is a sacrifice

She’s already prepared the noose

The embrace of death might soothe

#Gone too Soon#