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Popcons for 100th post

Some people were not built for begging, even if they need whatever they are asking for they will be mistaken to have already got it. I am fortunate to be in this category but today I drop the tittle and I am here asking for popcons, bottles of all drinks brewed, chicken breasts, biscuits, chocolates or coffee and whatever it is you can offer, its my 100th post and we need to toast…But before you begin sending anything I think I owe you much more especially those who have been reading, rating, sharing, rebloging, commenting and liking my posts. Most importantly I thank those who have been critiquing my works, you have made me grow . I thank you for being here and may you please stamp your presence on this blog, if it makes you grow, well and good, read and read more of my writes. If everything in this blog has fallen short of your expectations, please share with and help me know how I an surpass your expectations but even in the midst of it all don’t forget that its the imperfection in what we do that make us human,perfection is the greatest enemy of creativity and when what you thought is broken is not fixed even after you suggesting that I do so, just know it was meant to be broken or it wasn’t broken in the first place!

Stay, here I can’t promise you much, for you have been promised bigger things but you can know you will always find enough to read whether borne of creativity or insanity. Being a little insane isn’t that bad after all, insanity spices life and life will never be life without flaws and insane beings of my variety.

what a coincidence my 100th post is on a full moon.. it looks like a ball of fire!

Now let the goodies flow! send anything but veges, av got enough!!

Love you all,
George Agak