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Greedy Bastards

Greedy Bastards
I trust people, but I trust my pen more
For nobody sticks when palatable turns sour
It’s only my pen that drips in sorrow
A friend I can count on for tomorrow

These smiling faces
Are just painted vases
Homing dead roses
Bro, BFF but they depart
When your world is torn apart

I’ve got your back so they say
But they laugh when life strips it bare
Their talks barricades your every way
As they hide beneath ‘because we care’

You walk barefoot in bonfires they’ve lit
They backbite of your wounded smelly feet
With empty goodbyes they leave
To tell of how stuck you’re in deep shit

They’ll have you for their convenience
Your naivety, their greed; a perfect blend
Selfies, for what? Reminiscence?
When all they did is watch as you bled!