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No Me Without You

If you’re to leave
Take my heart
Engrave your name on it
And feed it to Ravens
There’s no you without me



I waited as minutes extrapolated to hours. Deep down I knew it was a lie,

That once out of sight your promises couldn’t be held tight

But something in me seemed to revel in this lie

Enjoying the trail of blood you left behind

You said I broke your heart

Tore every fabric of your love

Your love that was once an umbrella that sheltered us

An ointment to worn tarsals in the feet of life

But I did what had to be done

Set out to delve into darkness unfathomed

Straying from my weary being to make you stay

We loved, but could we serve love for lunch?

And now you chose to strike back

With jagged shards of your broken heart

You stabbed mine and left me bleeding

And you walked away

Leaving a bruised ego

A wounded heart

A twisted future

And broken dreams

The power of Words

It was three in the morning and I was still awake

There were lots disturbing my mind and all I needed was a break

So I turned on the lights picked up a pen and penned my pain on a page

Doing all this in a bid to find where I had made a mistake coz things weren’t right

But I didn’t know why?

How could I fail to get all I sought?

I sought revenge and I got regrets

I sought fame and I got shame

I sought love and I got hate

I sought peace and they broke my front teeth

I have suffered but now I know where I made the mistake…

I never appreciated the power of words!

I need no specs to see you are vexed

I need no crown to make you smile and clear that frown off your face

I need no spiritual supernova to remind you that God knows your pain

I need no watch to know it isn’t the right time to apportion Blames

I need no fire extinguisher to save your faith getting lost in flames

I need no vector to put you back on the right path

I need no calculations to know what you are worth

I need no hands to hold your crumbling world

I need no therapy to soothe your breaking heart

I need words to retrieve your faith from the flames

I need words to help you see what lies beneath the pain

I need words to make your heart whole again

I need words to tell you are worth more than diamonds

I need words to straighten your twisted future

I need words to pick your shattered dreams from the paths tread by losers

I need words, I need words for the bible tells me my tongue has the power to speak life into your dead soul

I need words, I need words,….Ooo the power of words.. Never underestimate the power of words

 The power of Words