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Random Thought

My son, in this life compete with fellow men, don’t ever try to compete with a woman with a pretty face and a big ass, for in the labyrinth of her mons are shortcuts to the finish line


Take me back

Take me back to the days
My grandfather spoilt me with gifts
His eyes shone with love and every word he uttered
Was an assurance that all was well

Take me back to the days
When we sat out in the night
As the moonlight worked overtime
To let us see the smiles these faces homed
My grandfather narrated tales of Lwanda Magere
And how they fought in Burma
In war they termed as Panyako

My grandfather was not a hero of war
But a hero of love
He knew how simple things like
Smiles brightened souls and how
Simple games created covalent bonds

Take me back to the days
When my grandfather ferried me
On his bicycle to church
Even when he knew I would spend
All my time playing outside the church

Take me back to the time
We shared meals
Back in the time
When LOL meant
Lots of Love!

Lessons from Alaro Wuon Omollo

Lessons from wuon Omollo

Grandchild, this world is a seasonal spring

Revel in its beauty today but don’t forget there’s tomorrow

Fill your plate but remember to chew for those who have no teeth

Like birds be happy and always creep out of sorrow

For the sun will brighten every dark spot in your path

Boy, go to school and get the white man’s knowledge

But stick to the ways of the land from whence springs wisdom

Strive to acquire great possessions

But don’t let wealth be your obsession

For then you may get all at the price of your soul

Let me introduce you to women

They are great people because they give birth to we men

They are lovely, loving and sweet beings

But just like bees they sting

They wound hearts

They kill

Don’t be deceived by their beauty as that fades

Go for virtue which forever stays

When you finally fall in love give it your all

In your woman create a queen and be the King; her Protector

But don’t tell her everything lest she beckons your fall

Delilahs aren’t yet extinct, the devious traitors

Child you have Mbola (good looks) and ladies will flock you

Do not exploit them; instead remind them that charm is deceptive

Help them see beyond your good looks and choose the one who loves all that is within

You also have Chia (charisma) and people will hearken to your voice

But don’t champion destruction and enslave your followers

Instead empower them, give them a voice and shun fanatism

Boy, this world spins

You may harvest today, fill your granaries

Remember to share with the hungry

For you will also need help when pests invade your granaries and consume everything

When time comes for you depart from this world

Pray that your descendants will prosper

That your name and mine may find longevity even after we are gone

We are mere mortals and so trust only in God

That you may find reward in the heavens when this world crumbles