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Zion Awaits your arrival

Dearest move with me
Don’t let my long strides
Leave you behind
Walk much faster dear
This place isn’t home
It has vampires and vermin
Baying for your blood
The vampires slither
Smoothly in darkness
Their fangs out
Walk dear, walk on

The rain will be here
Look at the sky
The dark clouds hang
Ready to spew on us
Everything is against us
No friends
No family
Nature hurls its storms at us
Just cling dear
Cling onto my scarf dear
It throttles me but hang on
It’s a small price I pay

Now move, your feet blistered
Ankles failing
Don’t give in
We’ll heal in our safe haven
Your mouth trembles
Don’t speak
Just move
For Zion isn’t for the weak
Let’s get to Zion
Let’s get to Zion
For glory awaits you there


Ghetto Pain

Roads narrowed by food sellers
Houses peeling and leaking
Children walking bare feet
With windowed garments
Women breaking their backs
As their husbands are hammering
Anvils into meals

Sirens are heard
A house is on fire
Shouts are heard
A purse has been snatched
A mother wails
A son has been shot
A daughter has been raped

When night falls
You hold your heart in your hands
A bullet may spray it anytime
Police and thugs are a family
Just different uniforms

Stinking dumpsites
Burst sewers
Contaminated waters
Blinding illicit brews
Pregnant minors
Aborted babies blocking toilets
Fresh human dung on paths
Ghetto pain is becoming unbearable