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Save your Love

They say that internal beauty
Is all that matters,
But the eyes are the windows
Through which they
See all the glamour within you

I looked at yours
I saw malice
There was an edge
Of murderous intent
Poised to strike
To wound
To kill
For earthly fame
And wealth
Who takes killers for spouses?
Save your love
For him


If loving you was a career

I would specialize in it

I would learn to be the best in the profession

I would know its thrills and perils

All the highs and lows

If loving you was a career

Then you would be the college

Your backbone would be the curriculum

Tread carefully or fall head first into oblivion

If loving you was a career

Your lips would be the white board

And my tongue the marker pen

I would write for eternity,



Inscribing my love deeper than tattoo

Thousand students would want to write on them,

Some would, but their pens won’t write deep

They’d be erased.

When exams come,

My answers would remain

Deeply inscribed in your lips

And I would pass: the only one good enough for you

Love and Fortune Spammers

Hello Dear,

I’m Vivian By name, I saw your profile here on facebook.com and it

caught my attention for a faithful friendship that based on trust.

I will be waiting for your response so that i will tell you more about me and send you my picture for you to know whom i am.


I have taken quite long before checking into my spam folder, wow its got filled. there are very many messages on my spam folder but all of them are either about money or relationships and I am here asking myself why are some people always trying to induce us to fall their prey by using the very things that we value so much?

You may not like it but I feel these spammers are not very good people, how can they reduce my human quality to bucks and women? Am I some rat being summoned to its death spot by just a piece of meat? The realization of how these people have belittled me sets my stomach blazing and the reply I give to all the love seekers is:

You Bitch my Spam folder isn’t for sperm gluttons

Leave your couch, stroll towards the beach, find a mate


And here is another fortune:

How would you like to make REAL m0ney online?


I mean, making m0ney 24/7 even when you’re


not online but goofing off somewhere:


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Ok, the website is a little “hype” but


this is the real deal…


Look, I’ve tried tons of stuff over the years,


the good and bad.


And this system WORKS.


I know because I’m using it everyday.


So are thousands of others.


Go to the member’s area and look at STEP 2!


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Hope this helps.


I have no words left. Please tell him something he needs to hear