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You Belong Here

Even on nights that won’t depart
Yearnings that know no gratitude
When love leaves
A peace spring from the floors of my stomach
A gentleness that subdues the restlessness of my heart
Blames for the past, loathe of the present and caution for the future
I hear a small voice, far away
Whispering affirmations
“You belong here”
“You were meant to be here”
“You’re complete”
Rising tempo
“You’re not crippled”
“You’re whole”
“You’ll live to testify of the glory of submission”
“The wreckage behind is made anew”
“The fire within sparkles with assurance of greater possibilities”
“Your racing heart leaves an indelible track of health, no illness can ever erase that”.
Slow pace
“You have a past, yes, your presence troubles you, yes”
“Just smile”
“He who made you, laid a fortress around your heart. It won’t stop beating till your empire is built to completion”
Deep breath in
close your eyes; see the beauty within
See the tranquility within
As within, so without.



Loneliness eats my confidence
Bite after bite
I reminisce the fulfilling times
I had with me
The journey in my house
Eyes closed
Mind loose
Traversing beyond boundaries
Mysteries demystified
Under carpets swept
And cobwebs removed from
Dark corners of my mind
I remember the empty stages
Epic performance
Just me Marley and me
Now the veil is torn
Normalcy is boring stiff
And loneliness won’t let me be!

Meditating By the River

The morning was calm
The sky was azure
It was time to visit my navel
The deepest part of my being
The very center of my existence
So my mat I spread
On the banks of river Tiang’
Adopted my posture of comfort
Right leg on top of the left leg
Right fist encased in left palm
‘Twas time to close my eyes
But there was too much to see
Bees sapping from the flowers
Their buzz a fine meditation tune
Swallow birds fighting their shadows
Causing ripples on the surface of the water
Praying mantis in a prayer session
Creating an air of serenity
Like a monk in his inner peace time
And a tsetse fly struggling to break free
From the traps of a spider
As the spider wove the shreds
Like a veteran puppeteer
There wouldn’t be closing eyes today
I will look at the waters, fathom the depth
I will listen to the sirens
Of a merry sunbird
Sabai can never be this close