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Childhood Indulgence

The place we used to hide in is no longer a secret, they have discovered it and known the secrets it kept. Our beautiful moments flew when adulterous wives brought their men in; the charcoal notes stood the test of time—to tell tales of our childhood indulgence.

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The crescent moon shone in a clear sky
As the stars danced around it
The cool breeze deluged my nose
With the sweet scent of flowers
That cheap perfume drowned all day
The streets are quiet
Lamed by power outage
As neighbors complain
I grab this chance to harness
This magical power of the galaxy
I eavesdrop at whispers of crickets
I understand nothing, this language is coded
But what a sweet music it is
To a soul melting in glory of the moon
I clutch this pen in my hand
Disappointed at how wanting I am in nature jargon
That what I see
Can’t be drawn in appropriate words
Just to give you a glimpse
Of how wonderful the night was

Take me back

Take me back to the days
My grandfather spoilt me with gifts
His eyes shone with love and every word he uttered
Was an assurance that all was well

Take me back to the days
When we sat out in the night
As the moonlight worked overtime
To let us see the smiles these faces homed
My grandfather narrated tales of Lwanda Magere
And how they fought in Burma
In war they termed as Panyako

My grandfather was not a hero of war
But a hero of love
He knew how simple things like
Smiles brightened souls and how
Simple games created covalent bonds

Take me back to the days
When my grandfather ferried me
On his bicycle to church
Even when he knew I would spend
All my time playing outside the church

Take me back to the time
We shared meals
Back in the time
When LOL meant
Lots of Love!

Pick the call, Please

I’ve waiting too long
To dance to my favorite song
Your breath of fresh nature scent
That drowns me in euphoric sexual vent
Your bosom a pair of miniature pillows
Is a vessel to the fantasies filling my hollows
With forget-me-not your tongue wrote on my lips
As I suffocated on the flesh of your yummy tits
The nib of my tongue wrote love notes on your nipples
And that was a night of ‘heartquakes’ and skin ripples
Pick the call please
your silence bites like fleas

My Insomnia

Do I know her name, NO

Does she know mine, I guess not

Yeah she might be knowing Agak the Poet, The performer

but does she know the other bit-the passionate lover?

If she knew how my tongue has been behaving tamed

would she read it in my eyes and end this daring game?

She is beautiful, to tell her I want her I wouldn’t dare

my tongue held back by this bitter question ‘what if she doesn’t care?

The last we met She shared a hug

Did she feel the vacuum of love in my heart?

She asked how am doing and I said am fine, I am such a liar

Even a blind bat could see she put my crotch on fire

I would like to take her home, to meet my parents

Will she ever love a Luo, she already hates my accent

Her beauty is beyond her pillowy breasts

She has a big heart too, it’s a miracle it fits her chest

I dream of making her my wife

Coz her love is the Aromat that can spice my life

This beauty has become my Insomnia

All night I think of our little past with nostalgia

She has gololi eyes, eyes blind to my feelings

When in my Valley she’s the only one who can tend to my lilies

She has ears, ears deaf to my whispers of love

Yet she is the only one who can fill this vacuum in my heart

Will she agree to be my dark skin beauty?

Loving her is my passion, not a duty

I plan to meet her tonight

Dear lord make everything right

To propose to her I need no ring

Neither a song will I sing

For I want her to be the 5th chamber of my heart

A wife, a part of me that hurts when she’s hurt

In her warm embrace I can’t resist to get chained

In the full glare of the envious moon her lips I will taste

My Insomnia

Copyright ©George Agak 2014