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Necklace as a Memento

shanize 3The necklace you see in this photograph is one of my possessions I have got so attached to. Steve, a fan of my poems and a brother gave it to me after I had lived with him for a year. I moved in on my own, every time I have it on, I feel his presence around me, his charm, his knack for perfection is the adrenaline that flies me whenever I rehearse for a performance.

whenever I listen to Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of many colors’ I think of my necklace of three colors and a pyramid of curio shell.

Just for fun

Agak KwachI had to do this just to prove to my young friend that we can have our names on the coke can. To tell the truth I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of having my name or anything printed on the can but this boy has been daring me of late. first he mad me join whatsup. he teased me that I stuck to twitter and wordpress coz I didn’t know how to operate whatsup. I joined whatsup to save my ego from his suffocating grip. And now I had to do this to prove coke can take my orders without much ado!

My ego what can’t I do for you?