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Grab the pillow
Warmth to borrow
It will be long till I come
Sing a song to fill your hollows
Hold the cat to wipe your sorrows
It will be long till I come
Strap the guitar
Break the strings
Release the tension
Calm your rage
For no woman,
Holds me but you
Drink a glass of water
Take a deep breathe
Close your eyes
See me in magical bliss
Open your eyes
To biting reality
To chilling cold
For today you’ll know

Burn, Burn Holy Fire Burn


Burn all the flaws in my character

Burn all the doubt I have for the future

Burn all the questions I have for my Past

Burn all the hurt I hold in my heart

Burn all the unpleasant memories I hold

Burn all the lies I was told

Burn all the bridges to the devils haven

Burn all the barriers to my father’s palace

Burn, burn, burn Holy fire Burn

Questioning Fate

I barely know me

I need some sort of a revelation, from he who created me

The things I swore I couldn’t do have become a part of me

The things I hate doing

Things that fill me to the brim with self-loathe

Things hidden beneath my teeth and clothes


Sometimes I think my very existence is a mistake

My shoulders are burdened by heavy bundles of blame

For a past that I had no control over

Whoever sowed my seeds maliciously laced them with ounces of shame


I am sandwiched between two extremes;

Nobody understands me, neither do I

What am I worth?

I am the color of disappointment,

A definition of failure,

The barren branch of a vine that is chopped and burnt


The path to righteousness bruised my shoulders

Vanity found me ugly, couldn’t live in me

Love chose butterflies, fled from the dull me

Behind me trail 99 problems

No one in sight to help me solve them

And I am addicted to things am ashamed to pen…


What do I stand for?

For what purpose was I created?

Am I the only one these questions?


The Wispers of a Penny


THe whisper of a pennyEarly in the morning, late in the night

A penny is whispering, listen and get it right

The racing Cars,the roaring planes all are voices of money

Child if haven’t known, Money is sweeter than honey


Money rules the planet

But just keep a few in your wallet

that you may not spend beyond your budget

Strive to save with every shared nugget


The Whisper of a penny is in the air, can you hear it

Telling you to save just one out of money you’re given to eat

Just save one and watch it grow in bits

Then buy a piggy bank from all you’ve saved in tins


The whisper of penny is in the air, can you hear it

Telling you to stop buying sweets

And reminding you that saving doesn’t make you miserable

But instead makes expensive things affordable


Save not only for your skating lessons

But to achieve you wildest Visions

Like owning a Bentley car

And living your life like a star


Save          Save                 Save

For with savings…………….

You can buy a car

You can own a mansion

you can buy a yacht

And people will look at you and wonder….

How you built all that from scratch.




If You May Decide To Plant Some Seeds

If you may plant some seed

If you may decide to plant some seeds

Be ready with a hoe to remove the weeds

And a watering can to feed them water

That the ground may not be a roaster

Lest they prematurely wither

If you may decide to plant some seeds

Be sure to note potential risks

Is this a barren land?

Will they break the ground above the peeping sand?

If you may decide to plant some seeds

Be sure to support failing knees

Of your beloved overladen

As she walks this earth, Rugged

If you may decide to plant some seeds tonight

Be there as a guide that they may grow upright

Avail some shillings for their meals

And a little more for school fees

If you may decide to plant some seeds

Build a capacity to provide their needs

A home founded on love

And roofed with the peace of dove

Like a farmer…….

Let good values be the manure

That you teach them as they mature

Let the hoe be a rod

That corrects them when they go wrong

Let the water-can be a source of hope

That may rekindle them when all is gone

Ooh before you decide to plant even a single seed

You need to know he won’t feed on sneeze!

If you may decide to plant some seeds